Love for the Women of MTV's “No Easy Decision”

You know how we’ve all been wondering how MTV could continue to air Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant while avoiding the topic of abortion? Nearly one-third of teen pregnancies end in abortion, yet the popular MTV shows have skirted the issue for a few seasons—until now.

MTV will air No Easy Decision on December 28th at 11:30 pm (an unfortunately late time slot), in which one of the women on the latest season of 16 & Pregnant, Markai Durham, has an abortion. Durham, along with two other women, will share her abortion experiences (with Dr. Drew, apparently, but don’t let that deter you from watching). Though this isn’t the same as MTV integrating the realities of abortion into their regular “reality” programming, it’s still refreshing to think of how many young people might be watching.

In other good news, MTV has teamed up with the Pro-Choice community to promote the special. The new website from Exhale, 16 & Loved, is dedicated to supporting these women who are telling their stories. On the site, you can join in the discussion and let your virtual friends know that you’ll be tuning in to MTV on the 28th to watch No Easy Decision. From the site:

Several courageous young women – including a previous “16 & Pregnant” subject, Markai – will be featured on MTV’s special telling their personal story with abortion. They’re doing their part to let other young women know: ‘you are not alone. I’ve been there too.’

Now, it’s time to do our part. We need to make sure these brave young women feel our unconditional love and our support. Together, we will let every young woman who has had an abortion know that she is not alone; she is loved.

The folks at 16 & Loved are encouraging everyone to join their live blog on December 28th, and to participate on Facebook and Twitter. So what are you waiting for? Let’s spread the love!

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by Kelsey Wallace
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I'm glad you posted this,

I'm glad you posted this, it's 10:45 right now on the 28th, and I will definitely be tuning in.

Speaking of decisions, I am glad that they featured a couple who gave their baby up for adoption on the first season and what a difficult decision that was (and in the current season a mom does the same, but to her aunt and uncle, not necessarily the same), and how smart they were about it. One thing that really struck me about that couple, Catelynn and Tyler, I think, is how maturely they handled it and knew they couldn't be parents, despite their parents adamantly refusing to listen to them and insisting they made the wrong decision (really parents?). Most teenagers can't be the kind of parents they should be. I know there are good teenage parents out there, but they are few and far between.

Anyways, that being said, I am so happy they featured this, teenage girls need to know what it's like to be faced with this decision. It's shrouded in mystery too much, and many women who have had an abortion are silenced by the pro-life movement. They have their story too and their story needs to be told.

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