20 Feminist Halloween Costumes

It can be hard to find a good costume, what with the current trend in sexy cheeseburgers. Don’t worry, here are 20 great costume ideas.  

1. Any of the amazing characters from Adventuretime. (image via American Cosplay Paradise)

A group is dressed up as the characters from Adventuretime

2. Kaylee from Firefly. (image via The Mary Sue

A cosplayer dresses as Kaylee from Firefly with a pink parasol

3. Cindi Mayweather (AKA Janelle Monae). (image via Degenerate Art Stream)

Janelle Monae as Cindy Mayweather in a white suit.

4. Harriet the Spy. (image via Audio Helkuik

A girl dresses up as Harriet the Spy in a yellow raincoat.

5. Buffy and Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (image via Shadowlocked)

Buffy and Willow are dressed up for Halloween.

6. A NuvaRing. (image via Ninja Raiden)

A woman is dressed up in pink as a Nuvaring

7. Olivia Pope from Scandal. (image via Madame Noire)

Olivia Pope from Scandal stands in a white pea coat.

8. Agent May from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D(image via Hitfix)

A promotional photo of Agent May from Agents of SHIELD

9. Emma Goldman (image via Take Back Halloween)

Emma Goldman costume

10. Senator Wendy Davis. (image via RH Reality Check)

Senator Wendy Davis stands at her filibuster.

11. A pack of birth control and an egg. (image via Planned Parenthood)

One woman is dressed up as an egg and the other is dressed up as a pack of birth control.

12. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. (image via tr.robinson

A cosplayer dresses as Daenerys Targaryen.

13. Amy Poehler and/or Leslie Knope and/or Rosie the Riveter. (image via My Friend the Television

Leslie Knope dressed as Rosie the Riveter with Ann dressed as an Olympic gymnast for Halloween.

14. Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess. (image via Djwudi)

A woman dresses up as Xena the Warrior Princess

15. Lieutenant Abby Mills from Sleepy Hollow

 Lieutenant Abby Mills and Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hallow

16. Mako Mori from Pacific Rim. (image via Pacific Rim Wikia)

Mako Mori from Pacific Rim suited up.

17. Jane and Daria from Daria. (image via Refinery 29)

Katy Perry dressed as Jane and Shannon Woodward dressed as Jane from Daria.

18. Artemis (image via Take Back Halloween


19. Korra from Avatar: Legend of Korra. (image via Downtown Traveler)

A cosplayer dressed as Avatar Korra.

20. Women laughing alone with salad. (image via The Hairpin

Women laughing alone with salad Halloween costume

And for dudes, Kristen Schaal recommends: Sexy Hollywood producer.

a middle-class guy wearing a sweater with label that says "hires women over 40 for meaningful roles"

Also, here are some ideas about what NOT to dress up as. 

If you want more discussion of Halloween, our new podcast episode Dress Up talks about sexy Halloween costumes with Portland fashion designers and the power of costuming with cosplayers. 

*Editors Note: We originally had a picture of the cast from Orange is the New Black. This was an insensitive inclusion that we did not think through and have removed it. Thank you to the commenters that pointed it out. 

by Hannah Strom
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Please don't dress up as prisoners

...even if it's a character from "Orange is the New Black." It's not cool or funny, and frankly the suggestion seems careless from an org that has been better on intersectionality in the past. Dressing up as prisoner is like dressing up as a slave. Don't do it.


dressing up as someone in prison is not okay.

It's not at all like dressing

It's not at all like dressing like a slave, and the fact that you would suggest that shows your own inconsideration. Not Bitch's.

dressing up like privilege

"Oh, look at me- I've sustained enough economic and/or racial privilege to remain out of jail and enjoy this prison costume fancy free, have a nice Halloween."

If you would feel fine making that remark to every person locked in jail, a population of predominantly young men and women of color abandoned by a racist and patriarchal capitalist state, then by all means, dress up as a prisoner. And, you can do what you want in terms of dressing up and playing pretend... but don't be surprised if you get called ignorant by members of the feminist and racial justice community for, well, being ignorant.


"Oh, look at me- I'm so "concerned" that I have to get in everyone's face about freakin' Halloween costumes and Social Justice. I've sustained enough holier-than-thou privilege that I can scold everyone else. I just can't give it a break...."

Actually, I do feel fine

Actually, I do feel fine enjoying my privilege to remain out of prison because I have never committed a crime or plan to do so in the future. Sorry, but economic/racial status is never an excuse to commit crime.

You think people need to commit a crime to end up in jail?

You clearly are enjoying your privilege. You can't fathom two metaphorical feet in front of you.

We live in a country where a man got off scot-free after murdering a boy in cold blood. We also live in a country where a woman with no criminal history defended herself from an abusive spouse and got twenty years.

Stay ignorant!

dressing up as a prisoner

I agree. It isn't an excuse but isn't that cut and dry. Lack of education and support is a real deal. And, yes not everybody who faces oppression commits crime. Racism, sexism, fear based and pure hate because of the fear is very real and very well understood. Prison is necessary but it is not the solution. It is a primative solution. Think about all that we have accomplished as a common humane race. I do not think anyone who has been in a situation whereby they lost a family member to crime victim or perpatrator would dress up as a prisoner. It just is not funny. Nothing funny about it.

Have you been incarcerated?

Wearing a prison costume is about as offensive as dressing up as a waitress, sailor, or as offensive to me as dressing as a sorority girl. I'm dressing up as a prisoner for 1 of my 2 costumes, told my fiancé in prison and he thought it was hilarious---who told his cell mates and they also thought it was going to be funny to see me in an orange jumpsuit and asked to send a picture.
FYI not everyone in jail/prison are victims of economic/racial/social prejudices. My fiancé is a white, middle class, male with a college education who simply BROKE THE LAW. Everyone in his cell also broke the law? I didn't answer the phone and tell him "Oh, look at me--I've sustained enough economic and/or racial privilege to remain out of jail and enjoy this prison costume fancy free"...I answered the phone and said "Oh, guess what? I'm going to dress like you guys for Halloween! It's funny cause I actually follow the laws haha. Love ya though!"
Wearing the costume isn't ignorant... Have you gone to a jail three times a week for almost a year? Paid $3.65 a phone call 7 days a week for almost a year and made calls for not only a loved one incarcerated but others who don't have people doing them favors? Oh, no? I guess you're ignorant then for making high and holy claims about something you aren't apart of enough to take offense. Promise you none of the close to 30 incarcerated people I have spoken to believe they are in there for any reason other than the fact that they "did some dumb sh*t".

Thank you! I'm getting sick

Thank you! I'm getting sick of this hypersensitivity everyone in this community seems to have these days about everything. People need to lighten up and remember, Halloween is supposed to be fun.

Thanks for not being hypocritical as the other ones here

We should stop seeing everybody as a victim and thinking that everything is offensive. This only causes more prejudice and problems. People get offended for other people even though the people that should feel offended don't give a sh*t about it. It's just a Halloween costume and it shouldn't be taken so seriously.

Ignorant??? Oh my goodness!!!

Ignorant??? Oh my goodness!!! You just described your own statement with that word.

How does "sustianing enough economic and/or racial privilege" help someone remain out of jail?

There are billions of "people of previously disadvantaged communities" who remain out of jail every day & year. it's a matter of CHOICE !!!

Whether you're black, white, rich or poor, we choose to do the right thing, because we know the consequences of doing something illegal. Should we decide to opt for the illegal route, we need to accept the consequences of it.

People must stop blaming race for when things go wrong. Start looking at moral values instilled in the youth. Teach them difference between right and wrong and show them the right way by living the right values that will keep them out of jail.

And no... wearing an orange jumpsuit to a fancy dress is not condacending.

what if you're wrong?

Sounds like somebody is unfamiliar with the idea of innocent people being locked up. It happens. http://www.innocenceproject.org/

There are tons of people in jail for crimes they did not commit. And there have been for years.

And hey, I agree, we should stop "blaming race for when things go wrong." You know, like blaming Black people for all the things we think are wrong with society. Those unruly welfare mothers and whatnot.

We should start blaming racism. It's racism that causes us to turn a blind eye to the disproportionate incarceration of young people of color.

But because it's more convenient to people's "moral values" to think that some people are just bad and deserve to be locked away, because it bolsters their sense of safety and decency, tons of people just don't chose to challenge racism. Or how it shapes their thinking about who is good and who is bad; who teaches the young the way and the truth of a moral life; who deserves to live in a cage and who doesn't.

Explore for just a second the possibility that you are wrong. That in the country with the world's highest rate of incarceration
some of those people are innocent, and are incarcerated for reasons other than being the bad guys.

To quote the 13th Amendment,

To quote the 13th Amendment, which supposedly abolished slavery: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

So dressing up as a prisoner actually is just like dressing up as a slave, especially when you consider the fact that many plantations were turned into prisoner work camps after the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect. I learned about this little anecdote from Julia Sudbury, who gave a keynote address at Lewis & Clark College's 2008 Gender Studies Symposium that I was lucky enough to attend, and she even edited a whole book about it (Global Lockdown: Race, Gender, and the Prison-Industrial Complex), so she has real evidence to back up her statements.

" except as a punishment for

" except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted," so not slavery, at all. I mean, did you read this? You are basically saying, "I watched a person give a talk once and I agreed with her!" Which, fine, I do this a lot, but call a spade a spade.

Agreed. The convict had


The convict had full notion of the results of their actions before commiting the crime and bears the "convict" status due to him/her. They are "duly convicted" in a court of justice and a jury of his/her peers.
If you choose to act in an unlawful manner, you shall be convicted and neither you, nor your oversensitive relatives / fanclub, should feel offended if someone decides to dress as a convict at a dress up party or Halloween.

And should i decide to dress as a slave, it does not mean i condone slavery. Have you thought that i could actually be celebrating the fact that slavery have been banned in most civilised countries?
If anyone should be sensitive, it is us Africans. Our ancestors were removed from their families and taken to other countries to work as slaves. But no.. instead of bitching about it, we choose to celebrate that this horrible act is no longer "legal" in most civilised countries.
If any "nation" suffered, it is not you Afro-Americans. Because you now live in a modern society, where you (as the grand grand grand children of the slaves of 3 / 4 generations ago) now enjoy the privelage of good schooling systems (yes, your public schools are still better than most schools in Africa), running water, and all amenities provided by a modern society.
The rest of us Africans who's parents and families who were "lucky" to be left in Africa and not be slaves, now STILL live in dismal circumstances. Have any "Afro-Americans" who claim to be disadvantaged by their colour and the stigma of slavery ever make an effort to come to a country in Africa? Nigeria? Zimbabwe? Kenya?
Oh no! People only see how good things are going in Africa, due to TV footage of South Africa with Johannesburg and CapeTown being probably the most civilised of all African cities. Yet South African citicens were not "abducted" or sold to America as slaves.
The rest of us African (let's just call us Black) people, are worse off than those who's families were "exported" to Western countries.

So go ahead! dress up as a slave and celebrate the fact that your ancestors suffered for your privelages you enjoy today. And remember those who remained in Africa.

This is bullshit. Dress up as

This is bullshit. Dress up as whatever the hell you want - whether that be a sexy kitten or Rosie the Riveter, both are equally fine. Dressing up as a prisoner is fine. Its fucking Halloween, just have fun.

No it is not! One condition

No it is not! One condition involved a choice, the other did not. They are not the same at all and it is an insult to all slaves past and present to even suggest this because it implies that slaves somehow deserve the situation they are in.

I don't get the "women

I don't get the "women laughing alone with salad". Is that a reference to something? I clicked on the link and everything but still... I don't get it ?_?

I was wondering the same

I was wondering the same thing.


Good article, except you've got a typo on Amy Poehler's name.

Just don't go as what Willow

Just don't go as what Willow was going as in that still from the show. "Slutty ghost" didn't work out so much for her.

I agree with the comment

I agree with the comment about Orange is the New Black. I think dressing up as a prisoner for Halloween is really fucked up and really insensitive. As someone with a family member who is currently incarcerated I am pretty fucking shocked, upset, and offended that Bitch thinks that this is a feminist costume.

have you seen the show? it's

have you seen the show? it's not saying people in prison are bad people. it's sort of giving a voice to the many many different types of women who are in prison and that they are human beings who are coping with a lot- with some humor involved!



I have watched the show

I have watched the show actually. Aside from it being super problematic, I think that regardless of what you think of the show, it really doesn't justify dressing up like a prisoner. .I don't think dressing as a prisoner is cute or feminist. The prison industrial complex has put my family through hell and considering cops and courts target underpriveleged groups, this is a pretty insensitive thing to suggest as a costume. Prison really isn't cute and funny. It's traumatizing and it tears families apart.

Listen, you're extremely too

Listen, you're extremely too sensitive for your own good. You can't take things too seriously, and you have to realize people are not doing it with malignant intent. I've seen some of my fellow blacks get upset over something as simple as someone saying the word n*gg*r, in an educational context. They were not calling anyone that, but using it to explain something, yet a couple of my friends still freaked out. If someone's trying to harm someone else, then yes, get upset, but if not, fucking get over it and don't kill yourself with stress.

Yes, SOME prisoners have been unfairly incarcerated, but the fact is, the vast majority did the crime, and are doing the time. I wish you could understand how absolutely ridiculous you sound crying about people dressing up as prisoners. I don't see you crying over people who dress up as cops, football players, or as Hooter's girls. There have been SOME cops who have unfairly been shot and killed for simply doing a routine traffic stop. There have been SOME football players who have become paralyzed from simply playing the game. There have been SOME Hooter's girls who have been stalked and raped. So is it also insensitive to dress up as them for Halloween just because SOME have had a negative experience?

Seriously, chill the fuck out. What is this fascination with some people who will find something to cling onto and decide to get offended by? Get your priorities straight and be emotional by what truly matters. Someone you know being unfairly incarcerated? Sure, full permission to be upset. Someone wearing a prison uniform for Halloween? No need to get your panties up in a bunch, how does it even directly affect you *that someone else wears it*?

Of course it's traumatizing!

Of course it's traumatizing! Did you tell your family member that he/she traumatized you through their actions?
The prison industrial complex has put your family through hell????
No dear... your family member chose to commit a crime. The system just did it's job.
Should you be the one on the receiving end of whatever crime and the system failed you by NOT incarcirating the fellon, you'd be singing a different tune.
No one says prison is cute or funny. But it's a reality of life. Now put on your big girl knickers and get over your issues, before you end up blaming the system for a washed out life.

who are you?

"No dear?"

Be a little more condescending next time Dr. Laura, you might get your point across better.

You do realize this is a FEMINIST blog right? So social critique, including of the prison system, is meant to be par for the course here.


I binge-watched the entire season on Netflix. What the show says about who prisoners are is irrelevant. And nobody has to give a voice to women in prison, they have voices, they are shouting all the time, the problem is people don't always shut up and listen. What this show does is humanize female prisoners within the dominant paradigm by showing that even a nice white girl goes to prison sometimes and look, she even gets along with her cell mates! Which is maybe better than shows that straight up portray women of color in prison as sexually deviant criminals without redemption but it ain't everything. And it doesn't make it ok to dress up like a prisoner. As a black woman and daughter and sister of formerly incarcerated men, men who's early deaths were spurred by the yoke of prison, I spend too much time worrying which one of my students, my loved ones, my neighbors is gonna be scooped up by the PIC next. If people wanna show solidarity with women in prison and make space for their voices, how about volunteering for Critical Resistance or other org working on these issues? If you wanna put on an orange jump suit in support of women prisoners, maybe do it at a die-in, or protest, or in performance art, but as a halloween COSTUME?? No. No. No. NO.

#thatsmyset #dropsmic #aintnobodygottimeforthis #lastreply

Well said.

Well said.

For some, Halloween costumes

For some, Halloween costumes are performance art.

I thought dressing as a

I thought dressing as a prisoner was okay 'cause it was a character in a popular TV show, but your rant changed my mind because you articulately conveyed why it's upsetting. Thank you! I'll cross that off my list of costumes I'll ever wear and/or suggest to friends.

(I know this might sound sarcastic, but I'm being genuine. I wasn't able to wrap my head around another perspective before.)

I like all these suggestions,

I like all these suggestions, but the intro makes me uncomfortable. I don't like the implication that wearing one of these costumes makes you more feminist than wearing a sexy cheeseburger. These are all awesome costumes, though.

I really agree with this. I'm

I really agree with this. I'm getting really tired of feminist publications like Bitch or Miss Representation thinking it's okay to slut shame women because of what they decide to wear on Halloween. It's not okay any other time of the year and it's not okay now.

I think the complaint is not

I think the complaint is not that women wear these "slutty" costumes but that these are the ONLY options available to women, or at least it is marketed as such. I don't think they are criticizing women so much as they are criticizing the industry.

I'm not saying Bitch is perfect, that's just the impression that I get.

You need to get out more.

You need to get out more. Have you looked at what's available at a costume store or a Halloween store? Not everything is slutty. Some are, but you can easily find one that is not slutty if that's your thing. The fact is, costume companies sell what is in demand. It makes no sense for them to force a particular type of costume on people. Costume companies are, well, companies after all. You know what they do? They look at sales numbers. They see what sells well and what doesn't. If slutty costumes sell out, they will make more next time to keep up with demand. You're really placing the blame in the wrong area. You should be placing the blame on consumers who buy slutty costumes. No, wait. Let me backtrack. Actually, you should NOT be placing blame on consumers, because it is their choice what they want, and are free to do what they want and enjoy. But by all means, go ahead and choose a non-slutty outfit if you'd like, I have no problem with that because after all, it is what you like and you are free to choose the outfit you want. Just to reiterate: yes, costumes that are not slutty for women are definitely available. You just have to not get so fired up about seeing a slutty costume that you walk out of the store before browsing the full selection.

what other show has a strong female cast?

We all know that Orange is the New Black is a successful TV show because it's a real story portraying real women. It has a strong female cast. It goes deeper into their stories than just being "prisoners". It talks about their struggles in a unique way. When you opt to dress like a person from that SHOW it's making a statement about the connection women have and that you watch TV!

Wrong, just wrong...

There are two feminist costumes here, possibly three. The fact that someone would lower feminism to a Hollywood, fictional level, of characters that have nothing to do with being actively feminist is insulting and offensive. Strong women with great and tough careers or perhaps admirable women would be a better definition.

My word, there is a line.

My word, there is a line. This is a fun article, can you relax? Most feminists probably are not concerned with have a 110% rock solid feminist costume. I'm a feminist, and I will dress in whatever the hell I want (with privilege and racial sensitives in mind of course).
Breathe and live, please.

Don't glamorize prison (duh!)

No matter how much Orange is the New Black tries to be a good show, it will always be a way for the privileged elite to try to gain acceptance for the prison-industrial state among those most likely to oppose it. The show can't accurately portray the racist, slave nature of America's prison system while staying within the entertainment medium. I have a friend who is always going on and on about Orange, who seems to be inspired by the belief that if she ever has to go to prison, it might not be that bad since she could play "Orange is the New Black" with her new sisterhood and "discover" herself. Waxing poetic about prisoners using Buddhism and meditation and profound psychological introspection to get through their day is what non-prisoners do to reassure themselves that they aren't part of a system that consents to such inhuman treatment of human beings. Americans seem to be suckers for "inspiring" stories of prisoners "making a difference," so that's why we get "Orange" and all those cable shows about prisoners getting their high school diplomas and degrees and becoming motivational speakers. But we bury the fact that a lot of prisoners are horrifyingly bad people, and the assumption that you can "find yourself" in prison is just a trope used by those who've never experienced the reality of being in jail or knowing someone who is in jail, and they think they can script a show about prison to suit their beliefs about what prison should be. What is America's fetish with prisons anyway? With locking human beings up for natural human behaviors in ways we hesitate to do for animals? It's both a cultural and real-world phenomenon; Americans can't get enough of building prisons and sending each other to prison. To hell with that show and to hell with privileged white people who use it as an excuse to mock those who are unjustly incarcerated for their low economic status and skin color by going as the cast of that sitcom for Halloween.

There's no crying in Action Movies!

Did you see Pacific Rim? She cried!!! Twice. Canceled out the rest of what she did for me, and the message was Wonen are emotional and will break down. So NOT a feminist costume for me. The character reeked of being a man's idea of a female hero (heroine). A woman would have made her more physically and emotionally strong. What good is kicking ass if you fall apart when the world is at stake? How can Ellen Ripley not be on this lust?!!!

So basically what you're

So basically what you're saying here is that women are not allowed to have emotions, but have to be strong, emotionless badasses who must save the day all the time and be stoic about it. Sorry, Jack, but that's not going to work. It's almost as bad as portraying women as weak and dependent. What you have to realize is that people are all different. Sure, some people will be able to stick it out through a lot of shit, but, more realistically, they will at some point be overcome by a particularly strong emotion or situation. The only way I could possibly see a reason for this level of jerkassery if you, somehow, have never experienced the amazing human emotion of <i>sadness.</i> People can and do cry. Men cry in movies too. Please just relax with the pseudo-feminist BS.

The Traditional Definition of "Strength" is a Sexist Construct

Ironic that your idea of a feminism-friendly "empowering" female character is "acts exactly like the idealized male hero would".

The idea that feelings are a "weakness" and crying is for wimps, is a <b>seriously</b> damaging idea that has its roots in a deeply <b>sexist</b> set of ideals. Ideals in which a person can only be "admirable" by basically being what amounts to the <b>masculine stereotype</b> - that of a ridiculously stoic person who never ever has strong emotions that aren't say, rage or amusement. Sadness, pain, worry - omg, the cooties!

By buying into the idea that a hero can't be a "hero" if he or she cries a couple of times when under stress, you are buying into the idea that not only are the old gender-segregated ideas of "appropriate behavior" a good thing (as opposed to oppressively and arbitrarily restricting individual rights and freedoms and causing unnecessary anxiety to those who don't fit the "ideal" of their gender), but also, that the <b>better</b> ideal is the masculine one!

Not only is that not "feminist", that's pretty much the exact opposite. You are saying that a woman can only be admirable and heroic if she <b>never openly feels certain perfectly normal emotions, like ever</b>, and if she <b>acts like a(n ideal) man would</b>.

Seriously, that is offensive to *all* sexes and genders.

And as to your argument that a "woman" writer would have made her "more physically and emotionally strong", that too is offensive - most of all because of how goddamn shallow it is. <i><b>I</i></b> happen to be a cisgender woman (i.e. I consider myself female both physically and emotionally), and I happen to be a writer, and I happen to think that writing *every* female character to be "physically and emotionally strong", let alone defining "strong" as very obviously closer to traditional MASCULINE ideals, is... not even just offensive (for the implication that there is something "weak" or "wrong" with being more traditionally "feminine"), but quite frankly <b>boring</b>, because of how little range it affords to explore that natural spectrum of human personality and experience.

Buffy Summers cried a number of times during her series, even whined at times, like most teens are wont to do even when they don't have to fight vampires the night before a midterm. She still kicked ass and slew vampires and demons and saved the world. She <b>worked</b> as a character - her <i>series</i> worked, and resonated and entertained so many people and <i>continues</i> to do so - in large part because she felt more like a "person" and not just a caricature; a blend of "masculine" (physically strong, good at fighting, straightforwardly logical, aggressive, prone to solving her problems with violence), and "feminine" (has feelings, likes fashion and boys and romance and cheerleading and making catty comments) traits. You know, like a lot of real-life people do.

You know who else kicked ass in BtVS? Willow Rosenburg, the shy, often fearful or anxious, redheaded Jewish girl who was an *intellectual*. Who very often saved the world with her brain and/or spiritual skills. She's a darling little geekling who ends up being one of the most *powerful* characters in the series, in terms of ass-kicking, and it's largely because of her <i> knowledge</i>, and creativity, that she is. Nothing against a tough and stoic heroine either, but, honestly? Willow feels more like someone I can empathize with; she's shy and she gets nervous, and she doesn't like being in danger, and she's nerdy as heck... and yet, she has several times played a proactive role in saving the day or even the whole <b>world</b>, and she has suffered loss after loss (including the love of her life at least once!) and in the end been able to keep on living and finding a purpose in life, making a difference in the world and fighting back the forces of darkness. That, my friend, is a legitimately Empowering Female Character. And it's a perfectly valid way to write one, and it's frankly a bit more interesting than the cheap motivational poster version that you seem to claim is the *only* way to write an "empowering" female character.

I could go on and on but I've already spilled out a novella and think you get my point: your idea of an ideal heroine is shallow, and reeks of valuing "masculine" ideals over feminine ones. It devalues femininity and humanity alike by blindly labeling the having of emotions as "weakness". It's sexist, and frankly, following your advice would cause most stories with female heroes to be... boring, unrealistic, cookie-cutter, and derivative. There would be no variety, and they would fail to reflect the experiences of a large number of women. Or for that matter, a large number of men either.

I completely agree. When

I completely agree. When asked what I thought of the movie I said it was a complete let down. It was so obviously sexist. She was what the ONLY female character, and she was constantly being comforted by her male counterpart like she was going to have a nervous breakdown because she was so fragile. Please! Not my idea of a strong female lead, or a feminist costume.

The Game of Throans character

The Game of Throans character is far too problematic in terms of race-depictions to be considered feminist.

Isn't the Nuvaring actually a

Isn't the Nuvaring actually a woman dressed as a penis with a Nuvaring around her tip?

Adventure Time

As much as I LOVE Adventure Time, I don't see it as a feminist show. The main protagonist is white and male and often rescues princesses in "damsel in distress"-type scenarios. And WHY IS the only confirmed human in the Land of Ooo white and male? While the gender-swap episodes are wonderful, they make me wonder why the show isn't always centered on a brave, adventurous heroine named Fionna. Also, I wish I could see more main protagonists originally intended to be female that shared the same traits as Fionna (or rather, traits you see more often in male heroes like Finn).

Princess Bubblegum gets

Princess Bubblegum gets kidnapped, the show is making old school video game references. However I don't find her to be a weak character. She is an intelligent scientist and a leader. Really she has her own concerns outside of any male character.

Marceline is a total badass, plays the bass, and really does her own thing. However she also has flaws, she's not a generic stereotyped "strong woman."

The majority of female characters in the show have their own lives and passions. They don't simply exist for the purpose of a male. That sounds pretty feminist to me. I think any of the female characters on the show are great choices to dress up as.

Does it have a straight up feminist agenda? No. Is it the most perfectly feminist show ever? No. Is it nailing the "women are people" thing WAY better than most media. Yes!

I don't think Finn being the last human (to his knowledge) makes the show sexist or racist. Comme ooooonnn. Yes, I'd love to see more female leads like Fionna. However I do think that Adventure Time has well written female characters.

On that note, check out Bee and Puppycat on youtube. : ]

Thanks for Your Response

I'm going to stick by what I said, but I totally agree that female characters like PB and Marceline are written well and Adventure Time is great at representing its female characters better than most media. But it's not too much to wish for more shows with straight-up feminist agendas. Thanks so much for your respectful and articulate input! I was hoping to hear from a perspective such as yours.

Adventure Time - Empowering, but maybe not Feminist

Hey there! I'm actually the Fionna in the picture! I can definitely see your point, and I think it's a pretty big stretch to even have a list like this, but I think the author did pick a show that has a lot of good female characters. The show may be mainly about a boy and his dog, but the female characters usually do have a lot of good character backgrounds. So many of the female characters are strong and empowering, and it can be a great influence. And honestly, I don't think that it should be as much of a battle as it is, it is just a kids show, but it does a great job of not keeping women in one boxed up role.

holloween costumes

holloween is like april fools day. hold all things in jest. come on I am a nurse, I deal with life an dgruesome crap. you think I get all butt hurt when someone dresses up as a nurse and disses a noble profession of dedicated people, who get cast as sex starved sex symbols , an ddesperate for sex with their patients or co workers.

I hate Orange..

I hate Orange is the New Black.
All it portrays is a woman who learned NOTHING about actual, real life prison, all in an attempt to cash in.
Piper Kerman is nothing more than the flavor of the month, tossed around to make shows about prison appeal to female viewers.
No, female prisons are not day spas!
Nobody gets along with anyone and very few women actually leave "enlightened".
I should know. I was a female prisoner.

You're treated terribly and half the women in the pen are dope-sick, experiencing horrible PTSD, as well as awful stereotypes which will follow you around wherever you go.
Politically correct, it aint!

Am I allowed to dress up as a

Am I allowed to dress up as a an inmate if I've been to jail before? Or am I only allowed to wear that when I get locked up? Cause I looked damn good in the dark green onesies that we wore on work crew, and none of my friends even got to see it. It's a damn shame.

I think it's kind of weird that Bitch readers are assuming that most/all other Bitch readers have never been locked up. Haven't you watched OITNB? People who go to jail read stuff too, and it's not all Dean Koontz.

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