3 Reasons Bitch is Not Newsweek: Subscribe with a 20% Discount Today!

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As you’ve probably heard, Newsweek magazine is going to all digital, publishing their very last print edition on December 31, 2012. We’re used to reading the obituaries of print magazines, and fielding questions about the future of print. Here are three reasons why you’ll be able to read Bitch in the bathtub or on the beach, tear out the illustrations and infographics, and file on bookshelf or pass along to friends for many years to come. And you can subscribe, renew or give a gift subscription today at a 20% discount!

1) Bitch is reader supported.

Bitch magazine has been in print more than 16 years because we’re supported by readers and donors, not advertisers and marketers. Most magazines exist because advertisers use them to sell products. Mostly products we don’t need and appeal to our insecurities. Bitch appeals to your best self – to your intelligence and your passion.

2) Bitch readers love print.

You’ve told us, through subscription campaigns and in surveys, that print matters to you. You want something special in your mailbox, not one more piece of junk in your inbox. Bitch magazine is a work of art. Beautifully designed and filled with original illustrations, Bitch doesn’t end up in the recycling bin. You keep it on your bookshelf, pass it along to friends, or donate it to a community library, waiting room, or local nonprofit.

3) It’s not just a magazine.

When you support Bitch, you are supporting the next generation of feminist writers and thinkers and illustrators. You’re contributing to an organization that is committed to thinking and responding critically to and empowering our readers to do the same by ensuring that the next generation has access to a strong feminist response to pop culture. Bitch is different from Newsweek and other advertiser-driven glossies. We’re beholden to our nonprofit mission and to feminist values, not shareholders. But that doesn’t mean we don’t suffer from the same pressures felt by more mainstream magazines—like skyrocketing paper and mailing costs, for instance.

We have an ambitious goal for this subscription campaign—1,000 subscriptions by November 2. That includes new subscriptions, gifts or renewals. We’re about a quarter of the way there, but we need you to subscribe today and to help us spread the word. Will you do your part and subscribe to Bitch for 20% off and pass along our offer today?

by Julie Falk
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Julie Falk has been the Executive Director of Bitch Media since 2009.

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You don't think much of

You don't think much of yourselves, do you? Actually the last batch of copies I had were recycled. Here's the other thing, Newsweek writers used to actually research their stories.

Hmm ...

It seems every quarter you have a subscription drive prior to the next issue's release. The reality is that you can only go around so far, no matter how popular you are among your readers and supporters, even if the film <i>Ms. Representation</i> has generated a hunger for projects such as yours. For once I would like to see an issue come out that has not had a subscription drive prior to its release. You should focus more on what you have instead of continuously reaching for what you might not get, which seem to be above and beyond yours, or even's anyone's realistic limitations. Yes, you did do a big survey earlier this year, but I can't help but wonder if you are REALLY listening to what your readers have to say?? Focus more on the content and messages, on what your readers and supporters have to say, and less about the always-increasing printing and mailing costs. Everyone else is going digital, including Newsweek. Why not focus on that? By the way, I read my iPad in the bathtub. The sky's the limit with them.

to clarify

To clarify, re: reading my iPad in the bathtub, nobody should hold any digital devices with wet hands. I set mine up on a photograph easel placed on a stool and look at it or watch something while bathing. Still ... the point is that everything will be digitized in the future and if materials are lost, they are lost and can be retrieved sooner than later, because the losses will be noticed. That's how things will be and no movement at all will stop technological advances. <i>Bitch</i> will survive and thrive by means that are beyond monetary. It really is about the activist/writers, readers, and supporters, whether they are new, or have been continuously supporting <i>Bitch</i> for a long time. I commented because I just feel like there seems to be someone amongst yourselves that is not getting it.

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