A Comic About One Woman's Pregnancy

Cartoonist Rebecca Roher drew this beautiful comic for the Moms issue of Canadian feminist magazine GUTS. Enjoy.




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Rebecca Roher is a Canadian illustrator, cartoonist and educator. Her illustration and comics work can be found in publications such as The Nib, Maple Key Comics, Seven Days, The Dominion, and GUTS. She is currently based in White River Junction, Vermont at the Centre for Cartoon Studies. Find more of her work at www.rebeccaroher.com.

by Rebecca Roher
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Rebecca Roher is a cartoonist, illustrator and educator from Toronto.

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Childbearing parents - only

Childbearing parents - only every women *sigh*


Mom Body comic

Interesting comic. I loved the depiction of the sense of crazy that pregnancy can cause. After 4 births, I'm well aware of how that goes. Never went through the growth/shrink of breasts, just growth. It's unfortunate that her midwives were out of town when she went into labor, as I think it would have gone much better for her with them. Also, just a fact fix - the cervix dilates to 10 centimeters, not "at least" 10 centimeters. Women need to know the facts of birth in order to know what is going on with their bodies. Each birth is as different as each person is, but the biological parts remain the same. Thank you for posting this comic.

please step it up bitch magazine!

Not only women have babies! I feel like this publication so often excludes trans-folks. Every time I read something exclusionary like this on your web site, I end up taking a long break from reading, because I feel like, how can you be a feminist magazine and still be so cis-centric? Its 2015! The internet exists! It is disappointing. It is literally why feminism fails - because people who are not cis, in a certain class bracket, not white, etc, are constantly excluded. This is the kind of "feminism" that alienates and divides. There are so many resources out there - editors please, educate yourselves on this. Who is bitch even for? What is the goal of this outlet anymore?

Saying "Moms are tough as

Saying "Moms are tough as fuck" doesn't mean that dads aren't tough as fuck as well. Or that some moms aren't really tough at all. It's a generalisation, and we all know that. No one thinks the statement is exclusive.

Why don't you redefine mom here as "someone who has given birth" if you like? There's no reason the words "mom" and "dad" have to have a 1 to 1 correlation with your gender either.

For some, "mom" is a role and "dad" is a role associated but not one-to-one with gender. Elton John refers to himself as both male and a mom. It doesn't bother me, people can call themselves whatever they like.

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