A little appreciation for Pamela, please

Thanks to Jennifer Pozner for defending Pam's choice of reading material.  If we're lucky, Ms. Anderson will propel Unmarketable into the best-seller world the same way Posh Spice did for Skinny Bitch

pamela anderson reads unmarketable


by Debbie Rasmussen
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3 days later

And this photo still leaves me pretty much speechless. More so that most people are just shocked that the woman can read much less would tackle anything heavier than a comic book. She's so successful, she's gotta be smart!

Maybe Pam will write in to let us know how she liked the book. Psst..Pam, that book makes a lovely gift for friends & family.

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4 days later

and i am still loving this photo (in a genuine, makes-me-happy way; not a mean-spirited way). i think anne should try to interview her.

Awesome pic!

I just read Unmarketable and it is fantastic! You should all buy it now! I would wear a patch, spraypaint its name on the sidewalk and guerilla market it into the hands of every hot celeb out there to get people to read it :)

Now my own bit of branding in my signature...


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