A moment of silence, please...

...for Estelle Getty — also known as the Golden Girls' Sophia Petrillo — who died today at age 84. Though her shoes were undoubtedly tiny, has any sitcom actress really filled them since? That's a rhetorical question, by the way, since each and every one of those smartypantssuited retirees kicked ass, but today's about Sophia. So share your favorite "Picture It: Sicily, 1912..." moments in the comments section, why don'tcha?

by Andi Zeisler
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The biggest gift would be from me...

Thank you, andi for posting this little tribute to Estelle Getty. Golden Girls (aka GSquared) is one of my all time favorite tv shows. I used to (and still do) watch it with my mom and sisters and roll on the floor laughing. And i currently watch it with my roommates and we comment on how they touched on "controversial" issues such as older women having sex, single women chosing to have a baby, interracial couples, gays, gays and more gays (who could forget Coco from the pilot episode!), amongst other things. I could go on with my praise of the show and of the witty, hilarous, crass and sarcastic Sophia Petrillo but I will just leave you with one of my (many many) favorite Sophia moments.

Picture it, GG's kitchen, Sophia is standing with her yellow bathrobe wide open facing the open fridge bc the AC cut out...

Dorothy: Ma, what the hell are you doing?!
Sophia: I'm giving the left-over meatloaf a thrill – what do you think I'm doing, it's hot as hell in here!
Dorothy: Well, close it before the food spoils.
Sophia: Okay. (she closes her robe)
Dorothy: I meant the refrigerator!

Estelle, you will be missed.

ok just one or two more...

so i'm watching the episode where blanche's brother clayton comes to miami with his partner doug and blanche has to come to grips with her gay brother...

Blanche: There must be homosexuals who date women!
Sophia: There are, they're called lesbians!

then later in the episode for no apparent reason, or perhaps to make a point about god...

Sophia: I was thinking about Clayton and Doug and I have a question…Why do men have nipples?

i could go on for days...

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