A Rare Opportunity for Feminist Media

We weren’t sure we were going to be able to say this, but here it is: The May Match is back. Only this time, we have just 17 days to reach our goal and trigger the $30,000 match.

Here’s the story. Last May, one generous donor pledged to match every single dollar to Bitch Media during the month of May, up to $25,000—including subscriptions, B-Hive memberships, and straight-up donations.

This year, we’re in the exact same spot, but with $30,000 hanging in the balance, and less time to reach our goal.

Thanks to 324 readers—many who donated or subscribed because of Kathleen Hanna’s powerful letter earlier this month—we’re already nearly a third of the way to $30,000, with $8,439.40 already raised. But we’ve got a long way to go, and we’re counting on each and every one of our readers to chip in just a little bit.

We don’t have to tell you just how important a gift of this size is for an independent, feminist media organization like Bitch. Every single dollar counts. Last year, it made the difference to us—we were able to launch programs like Bitch on Campus and restart our podcast, Popaganda, because of it.

The truth is that an extraordinary opportunity like this one rarely comes around for us. Bitch Media is funded by lots of readers chipping in just a little bit. Our average gift is about $8. Subscriptions start at just $19.96. By our math, in order to reach the $30,000 match before May 31, we need exactly 1,083 readers to pitch in, and that means we’ve got to get started right away.

We’re independent because so many of you step up to the plate when it counts—and for the rest of May, your support could count for double. So take a moment today to subscribe, renew, join the B-Hive, or donate—it’s quick, easy, and secure!

Please be a part of fueling the movement, we can’t do this work without your support.

Julie Falk, Executive Director

by Julie Falk
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Julie Falk has been the Executive Director of Bitch Media since 2009.

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