A shining example of why Fox News and US Weekly suck


… in handy video form!

Not that I expect Fox News to be anything but offensive – or US Weekly for that matter – but holy shit. Sometimes it boggles my mind to realize that people like this actually exist.

(Thanks to Emily for the heads-up.)  

by Debbie Rasmussen
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Wow, it's offense to

Wow, it's offense to transexuals, women in general, and, you know, the NEWS. The "America's newsroom" graphic" in the corner makes this even worse.

Both men are so smarmy and self satisfied with their "wit." I also love how the Fox news man called the women "gals." Gals doesn't have to be bad, but the way he said it made me want to throw up on him.

What's even more disturbing ...

... is that there are more than plenty of folks that watch nothing but this channel all day long and believe every last word that is spoken on it. Try to get them to watch or read other viewpoints (including <i>Bitch</i>) and they will quickly respond by telling you that anything else is all "liberal/commie propaganda crap" and that FOX News is the "Only American newscast that tells the truth about the real, god-fearing America." Indeed indicative of our sorry state of affairs and culture, not to mention just how gullible so many are today. These people will buy into and lap up anything that distracts them from reality.


I fail to see how any of this is relevant to whether or not SHE can model? Yeah it's great that it's getting exposure rather than being hushed up, but I seriously don't like the way these two men are sitting there in judgement of her.


I love how the newscaster thinks that either Samantha or Clark are going to win... naturally, because they're the all-American stupid blondes. God forbid someone at Fox get behind an ethnic girl (when many of the other girls are much stronger than those two).


I was sitting here with my mouth wide open the entire time. They were talking about Isis, like SHE isn't a real person. It's really appalling. While I agree that they have had added this in for ratings, I also believe it's a great way to mainstream transgender/transexual people and what they go through. It's time that people stop being so "scared" of everything that's different. Wow...wow....wow...

1. I love how they seem so

1. I love how they seem so shocked that a reality show would throw in a "wild card" to try to up the ratings. How crazy! Imagine that! A show wanting higher ratings!

2. Why is Fox news turning to the editor of US Weekly as if he is some sort of expert?? I guess he's a pop culture expert ....

3. What is up with the question about whether or not Isis has a high or low voice? The US Weekly guy probably has a higher-pitched voice than Isis.

I agree, this is offensive not just to transgender individuals and women, but also the news in general. "Oh my god, har har, a "man" on America's Next Top Model!! har har har this is so wacky!!!"

Ridiculous video.

This is ridiculous. It was hard to keep watching the video, because the level of stupidity just kept increasing. First of all, I believe you should refer to Isis as a "she" rather than "she...he?...she??". Second, way to call all the women who have ever appeared on ANTM as "trannys" and "not exactly high class". Finally, it irked me that the guy said that Clark and Samantha will win (both are tan, blonde and not very talented...Yes, I admit I've been watching the show...).

I can't say I'm not surprised, however, by these two guys' reactions to Isis. However, what really surprises me is how blatantly ignorant and offensive some of Isis' fellow model-wannabes are! Isis seems to have a thick skin, fortunately, but there have been a lot of negative comments towards her on the actual show.

Thanks for posting this.


we call em "next top tranny" anyway cuz we never know what "they" are. a model is a human being that models clothes. and what is so difficult to understand people are born a different gender than they are physically. just like someone's sexual preference isn't determined by what sex they are, this is another "anomoly" we have to embrace. it's the "conservative" viewpoint that when you act like something is "ok", you "support" it, so they turn to condescending judgement which is really just ignorance in disguise. the media plays with sensationalism, thus "pop culture", but it is increasingly ignorant to the scope of diversity that makes America American. thank you for your magazine. good luck. p.s. "sensationalism is a form of theatre" ...


it's nice to see that media fascists are also bumbling idiots. hooray!


Doesn't it seem like the "analyst" is supposed to be thought of as a gay man? The level of manipulation is striking.

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