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Haitian-American novelist and fiction-writer Edwidge Danticat has written a moving piece about her family in Port-au-Prince and answers questions from New Yorker readers about her life since the earthquake. For other women writing about Haiti, check out (if you haven’t already) Staceyann Chin’s powerful poem and Regina Chassagne’s lament on the Guardian.


A recent study from Student Pulsehas found that transgendered and non-genderconforming youth are especially without a support system at school and other institutions (h/t @CruelSecretary). Some of the issues raised in the study, like classmate harassment, were echoed in a recent re-broadcast of a This American Life episode featuring two 8-year-olds navigating the world as transgender. But these two girls are completely awesome and extremely self-assured, despite hostilities faced at school or within their families. If you didn’t hear this episode the first time (Somewhere Out There: Act Two), I recommend downloading it. Lilly and Thomasina are more than confident with who they are, as well as what they won’t stand for.

Image taken from This American Life


Television silently recognized the anniversary of Roe v Wade last week, several major television shows featured abortion-themed plots. Veronica Arreola’s early skepticisms about Lifetime’s made-for-tv “The Pregnancy Pact” (on the MA group of teens falsely rumored to have gotten pregnant together on purpose) were confirmed; Meloukhia on This Ain’t Livin’ compares how unplanned pregnancy was approached on Bones (not so good!) and Private Practice (better!); and Feministing and RH Reality Check covered the abortion issue on Friday Night Lights.


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