A very 'comic' weekend

My cousin was in town this weekend—her first visit to Portland since childhood (we're from the Bay Area). It was a whirlwind visit, but we did hit the most important spots like Powell's Books and the legendary zine shop, Reading Frenzy. In addition to starting the graphic novel, The Watchmen (so far there are already some interesting plot points about the role of women in this particular super hero gang), I also picked up a few other comics, including the really enjoyable zine, Estrus Comics.

I'm a little late to the party, there are 6 issues at this point. I got #5, Kiss & Tell. Author/Artist Mari Naomi tells honest stories about her love life. Sometimes they're sweet, sometimes painfully embarrassing...but they're so genuine every time. I have to admit that the stories are good, but it's the drawings really kept me captivated. They're reminiscent of Marjane Satrapi's for Persepolis, but have a varying rhythm/style all their own. You can get a copy/back issues from her website or from your local zine shop (she lists all carriers on her site here).



by Briar Levit
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As a woman, reading the start of the watchmen can be difficult. But I would argue it's ultimately well worth it. The difficulty comes from the fact that the authors use misogyny and homophobia as vehicles through which to explore deeper themes of morality. I think its a great literary work. Stick with it and judge for yourself at the end. (I shudder to think how hollywood is going to make something so complex into a 2 hour movie.... It's not going to be pretty and ultimately may lose the deeper themes and just be plain misogynistic).

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