All the ladies in the house say WaM!


Ready to put women back in the story?

If you care about amplifying progressive women’s voices in the media, WAM! is for you, whether you’re a media producer or a PR strategist, a journalist, an activist, an academic, a community organizer, a feminist, a funder or philanthropist, a “citizen” media watchdog, a media policy advocate, an alternative-network-builder, a blogger, writer, teacher, artist, technology trainer, cartoonist, deejay, or anything else.

Join us as we bring together everyone who has a stake in achieving gender justice in media, in order to share facts and ideas, develop skills, build collaborations, bridge differences and create action plans. Register today!

For more information also check out Women, Action & the Media’s homepage!

Women, Action & the Media
A Conference for Activists, Journalists & Everyone
March 27th-29th
MIT Stata Center


by Debbie Rasmussen
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I'll be there...

...and I hope to meet all of you awesome readers and commenters there, too!


WAM is awesome. Go. Just go.

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