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I originally heard German electronic strongwoman, Ellen Allien in 2003 when her first full length album, Berlinette, arrived on the scene. Her stop/start beats and the warmth of her spoken words on top ('Need a planet without cars and wars—no wars—no cars—no wars—no cars. I wish it could be true...) got me right away. Well, she hasn't stopped since (and really she'd be going on for quite a while before that). Her newer works are perhaps less accessible—exploring sound scapes rather than dance beats, but you can always get your fill of BPMs with Allien's DJ sets.

Well, Allien is stateside for just a few days only. Check her out if you can:

by Briar Levit
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she's great

her music is wonderful. i think while her latest stuff may be less accessible it's a brilliant piece of work - Sool is my favourite album of 2008. It was co-produced by AGF - another genius woman in electronic music (check her out!)

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