Americorp the Beautiful

B-word / Bitch Magazine is currently accepting applications for an Americorp employee to work here in our office in NE Portland. The stellar individual who takes on this job of "B-Word Outreach Coordinator" will be responsible for ramping up our connectons with individuals in Portland and around the country through our magazine, events and activities, our website, Internet social networking and more.

The position runs January - August, is at 19 hours / week and could expand in length and hours afterwards!

Sound like fun? The deadline to apply for the position is December 21st, so send in your application ASAP!

You can read more about it here, or email brian(at) for more information!

(And please forgive the strange stuff - like "safety gear" - which Americorp requires us to include in the description. There is no safety gear required at our office!) 

by Brian Frank
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