And in other comics-related news...graphic novel artist needed for Octavia Butler's Kindred!

Thanks to Latoya Peterson's heads-up over at Racialicous:

From the Beacon Press blog:

As mentioned by Alison Bechdel on her Dykes to Watch Out For blog, Beacon Press wants to publish a graphic adaptation of Octavia Butler's Kindred. If you are interested, contact Beacon's editor of its Graphic Books list, Allison Trzop, at atrzop * at *

by Briar Levit
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I LOVE that book!!!!!! I read it over the summer it is amazing. Her short stories are also great. I wish I could illustrate it but alas drawing is only my hobby I have no real training :( I will definitely buy the graphic novel though.


Octavia Butler is one of my heroes\ favourite authors. I'm pretty stoked about this!

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