And now for a sexy conference

This weekend, June 13th to June 15th is Sexy Spring, Minneapolis's radical, sex/body positive, sex education skill-share and conference.

The event is focused on exploring the ways sex, sexuality, relationships, our bodies, and our choices affect our lives. It's a weekend full of workshops, discussions, play, demonstrations, crafting, art shows, communal meals, telling stories, and sex/body performances and dancing.

Some of the topics on the agenda:  

  • Trans-positivity
  • STI risk assessment
  • How to top
  • Redefining heterosexuality
  • DIY reproductive health
  • Body positive art show
  • Kink 101
  • Polyamory
  • Herbalism
  • Sex/body positive parenting
  • Sexy performance art
  • Negotiating sex and relationships
  • Resisting/preventing/coping with sexual violence
  • DIY sex toys 
  • Creating radical porn
  • Sex workers' support group
  • Erotic writing
  • Performance and play  

The event is free. Donations are encouraged (and of course needed, so please donate if you can), but no one will be turned away.

So go if you can! Seriously, if I had it to over again, I probably would've skipped NCMR and attended this instead.

by Debbie Rasmussen
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Only 51 weeks until Sexy Spring 6

Thank you for the kind words! That someone from Bitch would have noticed us is quite amazing, and flattering! We hope to see you there next year, and we would love to hear about other skill-shares like ours.

Gregg Lind
Sexy Spring Planning Committee

Sexy Spring - The free, radical, all-gender all-orientation, sex-positive conference

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