And speaking of MySpace...

but on a more positive note (well, admirable at least)…

From A Womyn’s Ecdysis:

Happy Slip is a Fil-Am (Filipino American) vlogger on YouTube and has created tremendous success for her hilarious videos and creativity in her original one-woman show of comedy.

With 34, 000 friends on MySpace and a huge following on YouTube, Christine has stirred up MySpace friends when she recently deleted her account due to all the google ads promoting Filipina women for dating and relationships.

Happy Slip writes on her blog that MySpace did try to find solutions to the problem, but couldn’t because of their binding legal agreements with Google. It’s funny to me (and ok, when I use the word “funny,” I’m doing that Minnesota Nice passive/aggressive thing of distancing myself from a word loaded with more anger) that so many people remain uncritical of Google, and think they’re somehow a force of good.


by Debbie Rasmussen
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I too am sick of these emails and adverts for marrying foreign women. They all seem to advertise people from singapore or russia etc. They treat them as things to be bought and sold. I am always disturbed to hear of men in europe/UK/USA who are actively seeking asian women to marry because they think they will be 'more traditional' in their gender roles, i.e. more submissive and retiring. And they look for women who are looking for a ticket out of their country via marriage. They're too turned off by empowered women, so they want someone who has to depend on them for that reason.

I am also sick of all these

I am also sick of all these ads.

It's not all about getting out of their country..

A lot of these young women on these sites are under the age of 18. Most come from extremely poor families, where this is the only way to make their families money is to sell themselves in these mail-order bride "deals."

About ten or so years ago there was an hour special on how a lot of young Filipinas become mail-order brides to get their families the money they need.


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