And the Loser Is...

It’s been a long, bizarre, offensive battle, but the results from last week’s Offensive Commercial Showdown are in! With 27% of the vote, which ad reigns supreme as the most offensive? (Drum roll sound here, please…)

And the loser is… ORANGINA!!!

Thanks to everyone who voted! Your reward is being able to watch the video again :)

The commercial (in all its creepy glory):

And for the advanced critics among you, the making of the commercial:

Well chosen, blog readers. That ad is certainly going to have a guest-starring role in my nightmares for some time to come, and I’d guess the same goes for many of you. Orangina, you are now the proud winners of the Offensive Commercial Showdown!

But where there’s television, there are offensive commercials. So don’t just rest easy in the knowledge that Orangina got its bloggy comeuppance, nominate more commercials for a showdown! Post them in the comments section, or shoot me an email at info[at] and let me know which ads have gotten under your feminist skin as of late. Stay tuned for the next showdown!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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Offensive Ad

Well... the flowers were pretty..
Otherwise it is just icky-
If you want to know another offensive ad-check the latest 'Light and Lively' yogurt ad. A woman grabs a cup of yogurt while shopping and sucks it down. Trust me,it is a repulsive ad and yes I did write to Dannon

Facebook ads

This doesn't deal with television ads- but have you noticed how offensive facebook ads are? They try to tailor them to your personal interests. I'm engaged, so I get a lot of "drop 3 dress sizes before the wedding" ads.

They have a little thumbs-down button you can push to let them know that you find the ad offensive, but even when I do this, I see the ad the next time I log on.

I've been thinking about switching my gender to male just to see what the ads for men are.


Thanks for the link. I've

Thanks for the link. I've just recently been introduced to Bitch and Facebook, both.


I didn't find the Orangina ad to to be offensive. Bizarre, yes. Offensive, no. I thought it was interesting and creative. It's definitely more suggestive than most ads in the US, but I don't think sexuality and strangeness add up to offensiveness.

As far as offensive ads go, how about the paper towel ads that invariably show a bratty kid making a mess, the goofy incompetent dad trying to hide it from mom, and the dutiful mom running over to clean up? It's far more likely I will go frolic naked in a forest like the Orangina ad than it is that I'll rush with paper towels in hand to clean up after a buffoon husband and child like in the Bounty ads.

the making of

the making of video makes the whole thing that much creepier. all those people involved and no one shouted 'we can't make the octopus's breasts burst!'


I wish having a furry fetish didn't automatically make me creepy

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