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Where did this word come from? 

Every time I hear it, a similar jolt goes through my body. 

by Debbie Rasmussen
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I'm Polish, and in Polish

I'm Polish, and in Polish the word "skurwysyn" (roughly equivalent to "motherfucker" in usage) means pretty much "son of a bitch". So what is it with swear words having something to do with women, and specifically with mothers? Ania

I looked on Wikipedia (you knew I would)

Wikipedia has this to say <a href="">on the subject</a>: "The literal meaning of this word is 'one who engages in sexual intercourse with his mother', accusing him of committing an act of incest." However this is seemingly contradicted a few sentences later: "Douglas Botting claims the term originated among black GIs in occupied Germany, referring to someone sleeping with a German war widow; i.e., getting sex he didn't deserve so she could feed her children."

of course you did

and of course i didn't even think to do that. i love that it gives the literal meaning.

i should have clarified, lest i be seen as too much of a word hater, that i actually love the word "fucker."

Getting Clarification...

<p>Horseshit. </p><p>is that still legal to use? </p><p>Here is what Wikipedia has to say....</p><p>The word <i>&quot;horseshit&quot;</i> is often used in vulgar slang as a synonym for &quot;bullshit&quot; to refer to <a href="" title="Nonsense">nonsense</a>.
The usage of &quot;horseshit&quot; (a less common term) differs slightly from
&quot;bullshit&quot;. People may refer to their own statements and presentations
as &quot;bullshit&quot;, as in the traditional <a href="" title="Proverb">folk saying</a>,
&quot;If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit&quot;.
&quot;Horseshit&quot; is more often used as a reactive exclamation or profoundly
distrustful assessment.</p>
<p>Bullshit can also be a noun. e.g. &quot;Don't give me that bullshit.&quot; The
common expression &quot;Don't give me that&quot; probably arose as a euphemistic
<p>&quot;Bullshit&quot; implies dubious credibility with an understood lack of
true malevolence, whereas &quot;horseshit&quot; suggests uncompromised ignorance
or deception. &quot;Horseshit&quot; carries with it a certain connotation of
indignation; stating that something is a &quot;load of horseshit&quot; usually
implies that the speaker feels somehow cheated or wronged by the
current situation, whereas calling something &quot;bullshit&quot; can imply
anything from indignation to a joking and good-natured intent.</p><p> Help! </p><p>&nbsp;</p>

i'm checking with the horses, but i think so

but you're on your own as to when to use that over bullshit. sounds complicated. maybe you could make a guidebook?

Ok, I'm no expert, but here

Ok, I'm no expert, but here is what I had heard before and now found online again:
"Motherfucker actually comes from the old slave system and was a reference to the slave master who raped our mothers ..." .

Not a pleasant word at all. However, that web site goes on to explain that now it is used like the word f&*%, meaning used to express different meanings in a conversation.

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