Argentinian Banco Provincia Makes Change

Argentinian Banco Provincia is attempting to blow minds, y’all. In what might be the first mainstream commercial to normalize transpeople, this television spot shows the Argentinian bank not just acknowledging transpeople’s non-stereotypical existence, but makes the statement that discrimination against transpeople is unjust and comes from a place of fear and ignorance. The commercial appeals to the viewers’ emotionality and states that all people are welcome in its institution. That’s a pretty progressive stance for a bank, don’t ya think?

Perhaps I would feel more cynical about this ad if I hadn’t also read this article two months ago about how “the government of Argentina, an increasingly welcoming South American country when it comes to lesbians and gays, officially ended its prohibition on open service in the armed forces.” This commercial was released in 2007, and it may reflect this welcoming sentiment, which is paving the way for many changes in Argentina’s policies regarding trans issues. And really, until you see the bank logo at the end, it’s difficult to discern whether this commercial is a PSA or an advertisement.

Of course, it is an advertisement, which means the underlying motivation for the bank is to increase its customer base. Given that this commercial shows some investment in the transgender community, does it really matter what the impetus is for a commercial that encourages transphobic people to reconsider their lack of compassion? Media is shown to influence public opinion, and a commercial like this has the ability to make an impact beyond its marketing goal.

Perhaps you want to tell Banco Provincia your thoughts about its step toward trans-inclusion, or send a link to this commercial to your own bank!

Shout out to Brittany, who tipped me off to this video!

by Mandy Van Deven
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not gonna lie, i teared up a

not gonna lie, i teared up a little at the end of the commercial.

Good news

I nearly fell to my knees and wept when I watched this...thanks again, Bitch, for reinstilling my faith in humanity.

Thumbs Up! I would put My

Thumbs Up! I would put My little bit of money in Banko Provincia!


The commercial was a bit sappy and strange that a bank got an older man to think differently about a transgender person... but I appreciate the bank reaching out to the transgender community and somehow telling the mainstream population not to judge people who identify as trans. I hope people don't interpret it as a ploy that the banking community is looking for an untapped market or that people are so desperate in these economic times that anyone's money is good.
I did like how the older man brought up a comment about the MTF person's identification card and how she may have felt a sense of anxiety presenting the card but that the bank still granted her the credit. The commercial definitely gets a thumbs up because it's going in the right direction but we need more. I do want to invest with the bank and would like others to because I think it would prove to an interesting market tactic to show the world how people are able to support the trans community.


that almost teared me up, how beautiful!!
i live in argentina and that is very impressive to me. i don't watch TV so even though this commercial came out 2 yrs ago i hadn't seen it yet.
this does make me want to switch banks. i will be getting in touch with banco provincia :)
hell yes, people, there is HOPE!!!

How long do you think it

How long do you think it will be that we have advertising with this mentality in the US? I can't imagine something this progressive on TV here for a long, long time. Go Banco Provincia!

I agree...

I think that unless US corps decide that there's some trans-niche that this won't happen for a while. We don't really even have overtly queer commercials unless its advertising a 'gay' show, like The L Word (RIP).

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