Artists Yarn-Bomb LA Museum With Words “Black Lives Matter”

Over the weekend, a group of artists stitched a giant phrase onto the fence of the Craft & Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles: Black Lives Matter.

yarn installation on a fence reads "black lives matter"

The artists behind the installation want the phrase to “reflect current public conversations surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Ezell Ford, Renisha McBride, and Trayvon Martin.” While yarn-bombing is often done surreptitiously, the Black Lives Matter installation is sanctioned by the museum as part of an ongoing project called Urban Letters.  In the project, the art collective Yarn Bombing Los Angeles asks people to submit thoughts about public space and culture that “might otherwise remain unsaid.” Then, it knits a huge version of the phrase and hangs it on the museum fence for a month. The goal of each hand-made fiber installation is to make people rethink public space, to see the environment around them as not just buildings, sidewalks, and roads, but as places created by ideas.

Yarn Bombing Los Angeles does numerous interesting fiber-related artworks, including a current Beyonce-inspired project asking people to identify something they love and then put a ring on it (literally). 

The Black Lives Matter yarn-bombing will remain at the Craft & Folk Art Museum from January 12 through the end of the month. 

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Photos courtesy of Yarn Bombing Los Angeles. 

by Sarah Mirk
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