Attention artists and makers of things!

Now is the time when I ask all you 'makers' to support Bitch by
donating one of your pieces to our annual fundraising art auction. This year
promises to be as good (if not better) than last year!

We're looking for:

• paintings• illustrations
• prints
• jewelry
• clothing (preferably stuff that doesn't have sizes like scarves)
• furniture
• sculpture• stationery sets
• photography
• any other thing you can dream up, make and that you think people would like to bid on!

A few notes:
1. Donations are tax deductible!
2. The content, media and style are all up to you, be it: painting, screen/litho
print, book, knitted item, cross stitch, sculpture, photo print,
bags/purses/wallets, t-shirts etc.
3. If your piece is on paper, it would be ideal if it was framed--though please,
please don't let that stop you from donating something that's not yet framed.
4. If it's clothing that you make, it would be best to get something that can fit a
variety of sizes like a t-shirt or accessory.
5. I can PICK UP your piece if you live/work in the Portland area or
you can MAIL it to:
B-Word/Bitch magazine
Attn: sm[art]
4930 29th Avenue
Portland, OR 97211
6. Please send pieces in by Friday, October 3rd

If you're interested, please download this simple form to send along with your piece. If you have any questions, please contact me:



by Briar Levit
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