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If you haven’t heard of Portland, Oregon’s Autry!, be prepared for a pleasantly rude awakening as the goofpunk pioneer and internet darling prepares to release her debut album A.U.T.R.Y.! on July 29th. I first came across Autry! when, while Tumblr-surfing one day, I stumbled upon Hello, My Poopsies, her online database of her life with an exclamation point, complete with webisodes of her show Autry!’s Closet, tracks and videos of her music, and her upbeat, identity-positive musings on life in general. Take her Tumblr’s description, for example:

Hi! My name is Autry! I like you. Yeah you! Even if you have different beliefs or views than me. It’s people like YOU that make this world such a beautiful place with all of your differences included. I’m just a silly girl who loves to entertain and search for spiritual and personal growth in the meantime. No matter what you think about me, all I care about is if you’re thinking! Strive to think for yourself as much as possible and never stop moving forward. Check out my blog or links above and hopefully find some inspiration or if anything a good laugh. Toodles my poopsies!

Posts such as her enthusiastic responses to her dedicated fans and her chronicles of internet-found clothing treasures got me interested, but it was the startling countdown of her song “Bug” that really intrigued me as it blasted suddenly from the margin of her page, awakening me from the technology-induced stupor I had fallen into.

On “Bug,” the first single-to-be off A.U.T.R.Y.!, the bi-hawked songstress combines acoustic guitar, xylophone, and her unique, cartoonish vocal style to create a bouncy theme for the wacky, fun-loving, perma-child inside all of us. A sort of cross between Bikini Kill, the Butthole Surfers, and Weird Al Yankovic, the song “Bug” is sure to be a favorite for those of us who like our music a little weird and a lot catchy. Watch her perform my favorite song of hers, “Bug,” in the video below and prepare to fall in love.

However, Autry!’s repertoire contains more conventional song styles as well. When she’s not theatrically playing with her voice, Autry! sings emotionally and powerfully, like on the tracks “Sunflower Field” and “Ohio.” Her voice is both gritty and beautifully soaring as she sings with a genuine sensitivity and pathos that is often hard to come by.

Intrigued yet? Then be sure to check out the album A.U.T.R.Y.!, which will be released on iTunes on July 29th. And if you are in Portland that day, visit In Other Words Bookstore from 5-9 pm for the all-ages CD release party and the debut of the music video for “Bug.” However, until then you can pacify your anticipation with this great video of Autry! covering “Starry Eyed” by Ellie Goulding (recorded in her magical closet, of course!).

Stay tuned for my recorded interview with Autry! in which she discusses her influences, inspirations, internet fame, and the struggles she faced in producing her album independently. Support independent music!


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