B-Sides: A New Album From Boris


Aww, snap, Boris, you did it again. You melted my face and blew my mind at the same time. If you’re a fan of heavy/weird/good music in any way, you ought to check out the new album by Boris, New Album

The only way I could really describe New Album is if you put Lost in Translation on heat, let the Scarlett Johannson and Bill Murray boil off (leave a little bit of Bill Murray), put a lid on it and let the j-pop and shoegaze soundtrack blend together. Add a dash of Venom, spray a touch of Lysol and serve while still boiling.

It’s a side of Boris that I’ve never heard or even imagined I would hear. Gone are the screams of the ode-to-riffage Pink or the heavier-than-heavy plod of their Sunn O))) collaboration. I could imagine some of the songs being played in a club, or at least a club scene in some out-there B-movie. 

Woman guitarist/vocalist/synth player Wata’s increased vocal presence on this album is a nice surprise. Even after punk and hardcore circles have made progress on gender inclusion, playing metal remains mostly an all-male affair. Wata, along with Kylesa’s Laura Pleasants, has stolen the show on some of the genre’s best albums in recent memory. 

Stream New Album fo’ free courtesy of Spin magazine, and hear the weirdness for yourself.

And once more: calling all female metalheads! Lozen and Palo Verde played one of the best shows I’ve seen all year, but where are the rest? Have you seen any more? Share in the comments!

by Mac Pogue
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Thanks for turning me on to

Thanks for turning me on to Lozen. They remind me a bit of Rodan.

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