B-Sides: Two Feminist Music Projects to Get Behind!

Do you like the idea of free, feminist concerts? This radical world music and trans and queer SXSW showcase are two crowd-funded projects you’ll want to check out!

Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde

Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde is a six-piece multilingual, Afro-Carribbean, reggae, and rock fusion group (fronted by Asili—mom, poet, community activist, musician, and one of 52 musicians gracing these feminist playing cards!) who want to take their politicized yet danceable music to organizations who deserve it, but may not be able to afford it. They want to play free for 15 organizations around the country and have a Kickstarter campaign going to their “Reclaim the Thunder” tour.

On their Kickstarter page, they explain their project of bringing music to underfunded organizations and schools:

Our music seeks to document our histories, educates about the present, acknowledges our lived experiences, celebrate our humanity in the face of great oppression, and help people to make decisions about the world we wish to see and ways to actualize that change. Many organizations see the importance of incorporating radical musical performances into their efforts in order to make their work stronger and more successful, often in the form of consciousness raising efforts such as conferences, workshops, or benefit concerts. But often our most important organizations and schools struggle with the funding necessary to bring these performances to their community. The Reclaim the Thunder Tour is an opportunity to help bridge this gap, and bring radical music performance and community work together in a way that is strategic and sustainable.

For more information, check out their music at TainaAsili.com and their Reclaim the Thunder Kickstarter!

Get Off the Internet

An image for Get Off The Internet, with a picture of a computer monitor with an X through it, and the names of participating organizations

Every year at SXSW, there are about a bazillion music shows to catch—and that’s if you have a wristband. (There are two bazillion unofficial (and free!) shows to catch if you don’t.) This year, some of our favorite feminist music curators on the web are making your choices easier. If you can’t wait ‘til the fabulous Gay Bi Gay Gay at the end of the SXSW music week, Get Off The Internet is planning a great lineup of trans, queer, and inclusive bands for a show on March 14th…but they need your support!

Get Off the Internet is an unofficial SXSW lineup featuring The Shondes (NYC), No Mas Bodas (Austin), Katastrophe (San Francisco), Chainbow (Austin), Christeene (Austin), Forever (Portland), MicahTron (San Francisco) and Agent Ribbons (Austin). That’s not all: Some of our favorite feminist music curators on the web are behind this thing! Feminist Music Geek (Alyx Vesey of The Bechdel Canon!), queer music podcast Homoground, International Girl Gang Underground, and music blog Young Creature are all helping organize it. Unlike a lot of shows though, they’re not sponsored by a record label, energy drink, or the latest dotbizhashtag company—this is grassroots-funded and indie to the core. Check out their IndieGoGo page, and if you’re in Austin next month, check out the show on the 14th!

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