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I’m contacting Bitch’s top-secret New York operative to dig up any dirt they can find on Brooklyn stoner-metal trio Flown. All I know about Flown is that they play heavy acid-fried jams, have a single on a Bandcamp page, have a live video of said single on YouTube, and apparently used to back Frankie Rose as the Outs.

All credit goes to Amy Rebecca Klein for digging up this gem, and I have a feeling she’s a more-than-promising lead on this mysterious band. If you want to hear more, show that you like their single by downloading it (for free!) from Bandcamp. Check it out below!

Since these three mysterious members of Flown were in on the whole garage girl-group explosion of the late 2000s, does this mean that the next big trend will be stony metal girl groups? I would fully endorse that.

And speaking of women in metal, commenter ash966 turned me on to Acid King, the heavy, heavy metal project of Lori S. She busts out some truly righteous low-end fuzz on her lead guitar on “2 Wheel Nation,” featured below. Also—bonus points—she lent her voice to a track on a Boris album. It’s like stoner/doom/sludge/? metal bands are all one big family.

Share your recommendations—and any insider info you have about Flown—in the comments!

by Mac Pogue
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