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Iyadede starts off her album, The Demo, saying, “If you have this record in your hand most likely you are an eclectic individual and I salute you for that.” The word eclectic could not be more appropriate for Iyadede; she has lived all over the world and uses these experiences as fuel for awesome electropop music. 

Having spent her early life in Rwanda, Iyadede and her family were forced to flee the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. Iyadede’s family left behind their home to relocate in Belgium where Iyadede spent the rest of her youth. Eventually, the spark of music inspired Iyadede to move to France where she toured with Zap Mama and performed in French. In 2010, she moved to Brooklyn and released her first album in English, Talking to God. 


 Iyadede’s amazing journey is reflected in her work, which is truly a blend of beats inspired by traditional Rwandan music, the electronica she first started experimenting with in Belgium, and American pop. Her story aside, Iyadede’s music is something to write home about. She blends together powerful beats, electronics, and lyrics that make each track connect, but still present a wholly different experience that will leave you wanting to listen to more. 

Her website is definitely her space to comment on her origins— www.thatgirlfromafrica.com—with a blog that celebrates the success of a different “girl from Africa” each month. Her blog features her thoughts on fashion, pop culture, and of course, music. Her art carries over into making videos and designing jewelry, which are featured on the Mimi Magazine Blog.Check out her facebook and her youtube channel to learn about upcoming events and hear her music. You’ll be glad you did. 


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