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Have you always wondered what it would be like to spend a day in Joan Jett’s shoes? Have you ever daydreamed about slamming on a bass like Kim Gordon? Have there been times when you just wanted to fucking scream like Kathleen Hanna? Well, time hasn’t run out–Ladies Rock Camp is here to make all of your bedroom rock ‘n’ roll fantasies a reality.

Since 2001, girls have had the opportunity to spend their summers learning chords, beats, and show(wo)manship. Founded in Portland, Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls has spawned camps around the U.S. where girls are encouraged to explore all areas of the industry including production, merchandising, zine making, and even self-defense for those Jim Beam-fueled bar fights (a few years down the road, of course). The camp strives to create a community where girls can develop into unique and powerful individuals who will quite possibly take music industry by storm.

After three years of teaching girls to throw up the horns and turn the dial to eleven, the founders realized that not only the girls wanted to have fun but also their moms, older sisters, teachers, and babysitters wanted to get in on the hit-making. The result: Ladies Rock Camp. Created to raise money for the girls’ camp, LRC gives women over the age of 19 an opportunity to spend a weekend away from work/kids/partners/stress in the anything-goes world of rock.


I know what you’re thinking, “But, I’ve never played a note in my life. I’m practically tone deaf.” Good news! You can learn an instrument despite age and inexperience! Ladies Rock Camp provides instruction for both beginners and seasoned rock queens. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by awesome women who completely understand the overwhelming feeling of insecurity that sometimes boils in your stomach. Throughout the weekend, you’ll form a band with some other bad-ass bitches and show off what you’ve accomplished and the confidence you’ve achieved in front of your devoted fans while performing on Sunday.

Being a rockstar for a weekend has its obvious perks: 1.) You’ll gain hair metal-esque confidence without drinking the AquaNet elixir. 2.) You’ll make new friends who will have your back when the tour bus breaks down. 3.) Nobody can give you shit for wearing leather pants.

But, the most rewarding part of spending the weekend at Ladies Rock Camp comes from giving young girls an opportunity to create their own voices while learning that those stifling forces in the world aren’t enough to soundproof what’s created in the recording studio. The world where auto-tune rules and sex sells needs a rock ‘n’ roll revolution. Like Whitney, I believe that children are our future.

Ladies Rock Camp happens in Portland, the Bay Area, Chicago, Rhode Island, Austin, and New York! C’mon! It’s your chance to try out that Stevie Nicks impression that you’ve been working on for years.

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This is such an amazing empowerment opportunity for young women! A great opportunity for them to own what they create and express themselves!!!

what is that air guitar

what is that air guitar picture from?

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