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Metal is a misunderstood genre; traditionally the domain of alienated pubescent males, angry dude-bros and broody Lord of the Rings fans, while women were relegated to groupie status only. Since its inception, metal has been mocked thoroughly and often, usually because of its tendency to vacillate between grandiose arrogance and complete lack of pretension, as demonstrated by bands like 3 Inches of Blood:

Mighty warriors with metal on our side
Enemies of metal, your death is our reward

Metal has come a long way since “The Hairy 80s”, and there quite a few metal bands around now that feature women in way more face-melting roles.
Portland’s Purple Rhinestone Eagle is unafraid to evoke the grizzly gods of 70s metal, with
song titles like “Walk With the Wizard” and “Earth To Temper the Fire”. It’s kind of like Robert Plant fronting Black Sabbath plus acid - meandering, psychedelic and surprisingly catchy.

Palo Verde, also from Portland, originally formed as an experimental drum duo called Stickitin, but then evolved into a guitar-drum sludge metal improvisational partnership. That’s right - improvisation’s not just for jazz anymore. Some studio recordings are posted on their MySpace page, but their live recordings are the hardest. They’re releasing a double vinyl album later this year. The band occasionally features cartoonist (and past Bitch contributor) Nicole Georges on “sensual vox”.

Dark Castle: This solid doom metal duo is made up of drummer Rob and guitarist/vocalist Stevie Floyd (who you might recognize as Revolver Magazine’s November 2009 Hottest Chick in Metal). According to their MySpace, they sound like:

open seas gathering
willow trees scattering
fire breathes glaciers weep
frozen screams rain seeps

So, if you like the sound of that, check them out.

All photos courtesy of the respective bands’ MySpace pages.

by Sara Reihani
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4 Comments Have Been Posted

It's all about the Metal!

When I was in kindergarten and sang along to Rob Halford "Breaking the law", I was hooked into being all about the Metal!

When I was in grade school and jamming out to my first record, screaming along how "We're not gonna take it!", I was all about the Metal!

When my dad took me to see Iron Maiden during their "Powerslave" tour, I was all about the Metal!

When I was a in high school doodling that ever so threatening Metallica logo on my school books and getting eye rolls from the preppy girls, I was <i>still</i> all about the Metal!

When my then boyfriend/now husband got us tickets to see Danzig for our first Valentine's Day together, hell yeah I was all about the Metal!

When we planned our honeymoon around Milwaukee Summerfest and invited our metalhead friends to come along and party with us, you got it, I was <i>again</i> all about the Metal!

When I was in the delivery room giving birth to my son, donning my favorite Slaytanic Wermacht shirt (and getting the "concerned" look from the staff), I was even <i>more</i> all about the Metal!

When I was meeting with my son's first teacher, who was more focused on my Pantera backpack on the floor than discussing his education, yep... I was <i>definitely</i> all about the Metal!

And when we decided as a family to start our own business, it was an underground metal record label. Why?

Because I am <u>forever</u> all about the Metal!

And I am certainly not the only one out there who has that new-fangled indoor plumbing who likes her music loud, fast and dangerous! Sure, there's a lot of chauvinistic and homophobic behavior being spouted, and yes, there is some racism and outright misogyny unfortunately mixed in, but having gotten to really know the bands over the years, I can tell you with an absolute certainly that's almost all an act and a way to sell records. It's to be taken no more seriously than all these guys who praise Satan, as very few bands, even the Black Metal ones, really believe in that.

And hey, it's just plain cool to work in a man's domain and get treated equally. It wasn't always like that, but I found the attitude dropped when the guys saw I have a genuine love for the music and am not just in it for the fashion. ;)

I'm all about this comment!

This rules. Keep it up, Doom Diva!

Ya'll hiring?

So where's the link to careers? Ya'll not hiring? Follow me on twitter. The_Don_757 my typing don't get tired.

my husband & his brothers

my husband & his brothers are metalheads, I had never been much of a fan before. I remember going to a local gig with my husband & thinking that the band I saw was loud/annoying. a few minutes after leaving the gig I actually realised I had a bloody good time.

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