B-Sides: Potty Mouth!

the members of Potty Mouth playing a show

It’s easy to imagine that Potty Mouth are, er, a gross band, but a quick listen to their Sun Damage EP reveals them to be far from indecent. The record is a letter of intent addressed directly to the dead-serious post-punk set, citing ’90s punk clatter as relevant education.

Sun Damage, like so much punk, draws a line in the sand between grown-ups and kids. The members of Potty Mouth position themselves squarely in the youth camp, citing musical inexperience in interviews and putting together a deliberately ramshackle visual aesthetic, but their music belies any sort of immaturity. Their tightly woven compositions sound smarter than so many bands that aim to recreate the sound of youth—and that’s where Sun Damage succeeds. The ideas might be off-the-cuff, but they don’t condescend to fans by dumbing their music down.

Potty Mouth—who, full disclosure, contacted me for review (hey, the music is that good!)—are striking out on a North American tour later this month. Check out tour info and other Potty-nalia on their tumblr. And after that, go start a band! Let this quote about the inception of Potty Mouth, from then-future-guitarist Phoebe Harris, inspire you: “I saw that [bassist Allyson Einbender] had started to play bass, so it was like, ‘Oh! She just did it! Why can’t I just do it, too?’”


Check the video for Sun Damage’s “Kids” and read a description of the song here.

July 26 - Washington, D.C.
July 27 - Pittsburgh, PA
July 28 - Columbus, OH
July 29 - Bloomington, IN
July 30 - Chicago, IL
July 31 - Detroit, MI
August 1 - Toronto, Canada
August 2 - Buffalo, NY
August 3 - NYC
August 4 - Philadelphia, PA

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This album fucking rules. I

This album fucking rules. I expect big things from these grrls.

whoa!! my favorite Member is

whoa!! my favorite Member is Einbender For Sure!!

lol hi dan jones

lol hi dan jones



Here is the information for

Here is the information for the DC show.

Thursday 26th, 2012 7 pm
The Rocketship
1223 Decatur st. nw
Washington, DC 20011

Michael Cantor (of the ambulars. Last show as a DC resident)

Potty Mouth (W. Mass indie punk. 4grrls4eva)

Chemical Peel (SC surfy garage rock)

Left Opposition (new DC political punk)

I'm yet to see an honest

I'm yet to see an honest review of this band's ability, get your act together. Posting even a remotely positive review about a band which is very clearly both intellectually and musically bankrupt is counterproductive for them and reflects poorly on the integrity of your publication and yourself. This is why poorly conceived music gets made often times, not because of lack of potential, but rather an ocean of yes men who don't have the strength of character to tell the truth, holding nothing back. If a band can give you a phone call and get a positive review regardless of music quality, why would I feel that I have anything to gain from your opinion?

music nazi = boring and sad

yawn. Opinions are subjective, some people will like this music, some will not. To suggest that those who do are in some way inferior merely reeks of your own snobbishness, and sense of superiority - i hope you feel better about yourself now, telling people they're wrong little fascist!

Not to bad if you ask me

When I saw the word potty mouth I thought about something different. Thought this was going to be about some mom complaining about her kids bad mouth

But...it's not, its a band. Are you guys just starting out? with a little more practice you guys can be pretty good. I like the part in your video at about 1:15

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