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PrOphecy Sun is a multimedia performance artist, mother of four cats, and master of the green Line 6 delay pedal. Beginning her music and sound practice with Vancouver-based anarcha-feminist group, Her Jazz Noise Collective, over the last two years Sun has been diving into new collaborations and looking out from the pages of local arts and culture magazines as a result. In addition to her soundscape-y solo project, prOphecy sun, she plays in six other bands, one of which is the new-wave inspired Tyranahorse, winning second place this month at Shindig, Vancouver’s annual underground music competition. When not in band practice seven nights a week, Sun plays giant games of street hopscotch, contorts her body into tiny cupboards, planks grocery check-out counters and sews feline figurines out of found material.  Catch up if you can, PrOphecy Sun is an artist in a windstorm of ambition and all its accompanying forward motion.

Check out this billowing track from her ethereal electronic duo Spell—a collaborative effort between Sun and sound artist Kritsen Roos.

The fact that Sun was voted athlete of the year among the girls and boys in grade school (for five years running) is crystal clear based on the content of this video. Also, I love that she is wearing a helmet!

Integrating domestic chores into her art practice–a practical plan for a gal with band practice every night. Listen and look at the brilliance of scrub brushes here in collaboration with Jeanette Ageson in So So So.

Anyone who likes to sing to their cats (guilty) will enjoy this precious little video for Hey Hey Hey, a track off Sun’s 2011 solo record Not for Dogs.

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