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Our undying love of all things Robyn is no secret. Her catchy jams, fembot sensibility, and all-around awesomeness make her impossible to resist! So of course I was unable to resist attending her show here in Portland over the weekend, and I’m glad I didn’t.

Not only did Robyn play all of the hits from Body Talk (parts 1 and 2) but I have honestly never attended a friendlier or dancier show in my life. Everyone in the crowd was busting a serious move, and no fewer than three strangers told me that they loved me. One guy, who is apparently Robyn’s Canadian cousin, actually told me that he believed me to be “the prettiest person in America.” Only Robyn could have this affect on snarky Portlanders (and Canadians). Thanks Robyn!

Of course, the person who danced the most on Saturday night was Robyn herself. Her moves are a-maz-ing, and I swear she didn’t stop to catch her breath once during the 90+ minute show (could she actually be a fembot?). At a certain point I tried to replicate her dance moves, and it’s a good thing I was by myself at the show because anyone who accompanied me would have been hit in the face by my flailing arms (it looks cool when she does it, I swear). It’s OK though, because “Dancing on My Own” is not only acceptable at a Robyn show, it’s encouraged!

Here’s a video of Robyn performing “Indestructible” at the show. During this time, a stranger was buying me a drink because he liked my sweater. It was magical, I’m telling you!

Listen to everyone singing along! I’m sure she says this to all her crowds (if you’ve been to a Robyn show, let me know if that’s the case) but she told us that Portland was the most fun crowd she’s played to so far. She did three encores! (Can you tell that I had fun?)

Here is a video of the grand finale performance, a mash-up of—wait for it—”Dancing Queen” and “Show Me Love”! FYI, I was too short to record video at the Portland show, so this is from an earlier appearance on the same tour.

In case you haven’t gleaned this point already from my Robyn lovefest, going to see her live is a total blast. There are still a few dates left in her current tour, so take a peek and see if she’s coming to your town!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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Robyn in Denmark

I saw Robyn at the Roskilde festival. She was fantastic! She didn't say we were the best audience she'd ever had, though. But she did perform three encores!

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