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My mind is seemingly always on overdrive. If I don’t have constant (over)stimulation, I am not a very fun person to be around. It’s not surprising, then, that my taste in music generally reflects my mindset. If you think it sounds like I need to take a chill pill, you’re right; and I’ve found the perfect chill pill in the gorgeous ambient electronic music of Stellar OM Source of Stellar OM Source.

Stellar OM Source is the moniker of The Hague, Netherlands-based musician Christelle Gualdi. Gualdi takes the synthesizer to a new level of awesome-ness through a number of juxtapositions and contradictions. Her music is new-agey but contemporary and certainly not cheesy. It’s ambient in a sense but it’s not quite so unobtrusive; it’s delicate and soothing yet quietly abrasive and captivating.

What’s particularly interesting about Stellar OM Source is Gualdi’s approach to gender politics in an underground scene dominated by men. Gualdi told Netherlands-based Incendiary magazine that, under the surface of the male-dominated scene,

“[women] have the choice and freedom to do whatever we want, beyond looking at things from a gender point of view, which doesn’t interest me. Actually it’s more something generated by the press. This is what I see, and the way I approach things, so I’ve got to say that I don’t really realize or feel this domination.”

With more than a dozen recordings, it’s easy to get lost in the world of Stellar OM Source. It’s evident to me, though, that Stellar OM Source is perhaps best experienced live. And, for you lucky ducks on the East Coast of the U.S. and Canada, she’ll be on tour from June 11-25th!

by Katie Waldeck
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