B-Sides: Video Rrrrround-up!

Here’s a video round-up of some tunes to keep your toe tapping all week!

Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long

Here’s Badu’s latest beautiful single that mixes simple animation with some futuristic themes (no nudity, this time).

Little Scream - The Heron and the Fox

It doesn’t get more intimate than playing guitar in a car. Here’s Montreal’s Little Scream bundling up for some acoustic goodness. Look for her album The Golden Record out in April!

Bessie Smith- St. Louis Blues

Did you know they made music videos in 1929? Here’s blues legend Bessie Smith singing her sorrows into the bottom of a glass, her voice still carrying strong despite the poor sound quality. It’s powerful stuff, espeically if you had a Valentine’s Day that left you more deflated than elated. Via the Daily Hussy.

Esperanza Spalding - Tell Him

If you’re feeling a bit more amorous, check out Esperanza Spalding singing Lauryn Hill’s “Tell Him” at the White House in 2009. If you are immune to Justin Bieber news–congratulations! But also Espernza beat out the pint-sized pop singer for Best New Artist at the Grammys this weekend (even though she has a few years on him, and, oh yeah, PLAYED AT THE WHITE HOUSE.) Unlike Justin Bieber’s fans, Esperanza was classy about her win: “[Bieber] is unquestionably talented and will have so many more records for his fans to sink their teeth into. I didn’t beat him. I’m taking that thing home and that’s what it is. And he has great hair and I have great hair!”

MEN feat. Antony Hegarty - Who Am I to Feel So Free?

MEN + Antony Hegarty + unicorn video games? If your idea of a good time doesn’t need anything else but these three things (raises hand), here’s a mash-up of a special release of “Who Am I to Feel So Free” paired with video game footage from Robot Unicorn Attack. (You can watch the “official” video here, but I’m off to draft a thank-you card to the Internet for being so great). MEN’s Who Am I To Feel So Free EP came out today with special versions of songs off their new album, Talk About Body.

What have you been listening to and watching?

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Esperanza, Deerhoof!

The New Yorker had a profile of Esperanza Spalding last spring, with videos showing her composition process. Unfortunately it looks like it's subscription-only content and the videos are down now! Old-media fail.

Well, I've been listening to Deerhoof's new album, and watching the videos from PJ Harvey's new album and playing along on guitar. This is a Deerhoof performance from 2008 that is awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5OsTCgOth0

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