B-Sides: White Lung's White-Hot “Sorry”

the members of White Lung standing in a forest

Sometime between White Lung’s first record, It’s the Evil, and their second, Sorry, the band blew up. Maybe it’s because of the rock writing of singer Mish Way, who proves that not all Vice writers are raging douchebags. Maybe it’s how Way sweats off things like a broken face. But really, it’s probably the fact that Sorry rips like few other punk records this year, and, lucky you, you can stream it right here.

Along with fellow Vancouver shredders Nü Sensae, White Lung take old-school punk’s buzzsaw aesthetics and open up the doors for players of all genders. Mish Way’s diatribe against the myth of “rock chicks” lays out her philosophy towards gender in music: She’s going to write about what she wants, and if you don’t agree, then step out of the way. From what I can tell, she writes about beer a lot.

Check out the video for the opening track of Sorry, “Take the Mirror,” and if you live on the East coast or Canada, go catch White Lung on the last leg of their tour; you won’t regret it.

June 26 Washington, DC Joint Custody
June 27 Philadelphia, PA Cloud City
June 28 Brooklyn, NY Tommy’s
June 29 East Hampton, MA The Flywheel
June 30 Boston, MA The Midway
July 1 Moncton, NB Plan B
July 2 Halifax, NS Bus Stop Theatre
July 3 Quebec City, QC Studio Sonar
July 4 Montreal, QC Casa De Popollo %
July 5 Ottawa, ON Babylon %
July 6 Toronto, ON Silver Dollar %
July 7 Sudbury, ON Millard’s Garage 
July 9 Winnipeg, MB Negative Space
July 10 Saskatoon, SK Amigo’s
July 11 Edmonton, AB DV8
July 12 Calgary, AB Bamboo Room 

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