B-Word/Bitch is starting a lecture series!

B-Word/Bitch magazine is thrilled to announce our first lecture series, "Feminist Perspectives in Pop Culture," a four-evening series made possible by the generous funding of the Oregon Council for the Humanities! We are so happy that we've been dancing around the office. And then panic set in because we need a confirmed line-up of folks to speak! 

So, I thought I'd share our potential speaker list, the folks we'd LOOOOVE to partner with and see what y'all have to say about it. Drumroll please.............

bell hooks

Alison Bechdel

Sarah Vowell

Sandra Tsing Loh

Carmen Van Kerckhove

Guerilla Girls

We are partnering up with Portland State University Women's Resource Center and tickets will be $8/dollars in advance / $10/night of and $30 for the series.

AND....for those of you not in Portland or surrounding areas, we are planning on taking this first series and using it as a model and going national in 2010. So, if you have insight, we need and want it now so by the time we hit Topkea, Philadelphia or Austin, we've got this lecutre planning down.



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yes please!

they all sound wonderful.

bell hooks!
alison bechdel!

sign me up for the whole series...

Considering additional suggestions for speakers?

I listened to a "This I Believe" essay by your fellow Portlander <a href="http://damaliayo.com/book%20promos/pages/How%20to%20Rent.htm">damali ayo</a> yesterday that had me wondering why isn't she on the list?

Do not get me wrong. I also adore the aforementioned other "legends" on the list. But "How To Rent A Negro" is one of my very favorite books and its timeless theme and messages should be considered.

Do listen to/read her <a href="http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=92552072">essay</a> on "New Beginnings." Sounds like <i>Bitch</i>, too, in a way.

I totally second the suggestion of Damali Ayo

<p>She's really amazing. </p><p>Also: Susan Faludi, Andrea Smith, Naomi Klein, Gwendolyn Pough, Emi Koyama, Jenn Pozner, Sarah Jones. </p><p>This is SO EXCITING! </p><p>Btw, how many lectures in the series? </p>

grassrootsy community folks

why not have one nite be a few of the activists/feminist/community/grassroots organizers y'all have started profiling in the mag in the "cool activists, good causes." i know it might not be exactly what you are going for...but to put a few on one nite would be kinda neat to highlight important work that folks might not know about, just as y'all do in the mag.

that being said, i LOVE LOVE bell hooks and i think that's a great! idea!

to add to the list:

Winona LaDuke
Rebecca Walker
Patricia Hill Collins
Amy Ray

i've got more i'll keep thinking and get back...

Yes, yes, yes....how can I get to Portland...

I second ALL of the above! Bell Hooks, brillaint - I would love to hear her speak. Naomi Klein would be great also, and what about Amy Goodman?

I hope I can make it!

Another idea...

Rachel Maddow. A completely brilliant progressive political radio host on Air America (KPOJ in Portland) who apparently may become a cable news show host. I would love to hear more about news media, especially cable news, which seems more like tabloid tv, but also left of the dial approaches like Air America or even KBOO for that matter. Check it out at www.rachelmaddow.com.

And I just have to say that as I write this, a man is talking about vaginal rejuvination surgery on The View. Oh wait, the man is a surgeon from Dr. 90210. Wow.

Speaker Update for Lecture Series

<p>Thanks for the great ideas! The series takes place over four evenings beginning in September and ending in April with the Guerilla Girls.</p><p>Alison Bechdel can't make it, unfortunately, she will be coming to Portland though in November for Wordstock. BUT, she is donating a piece of art to our fall art auction, sm[art, where Judy Chicago (yep, THE Judy Chicago) will be our featured guest. </p><p>Today we contacted Susan Faludi and damali ayo. I'll let y'all know when we get another participant confirmed. Keep those ideas coming down the pike.  </p><p>&nbsp;</p>


Sarah Vowell! My personal heroine! Oh please, oh please. And Bell Hooks and the Guerrilla Girls! This is going to be amazing (and go WRC!)


How exciting!

Wowie! I hope you visit Southern California soon. I can't wait for 2010 to come around. I know plenty of people who would be interested in attending the lecture series. :::le sigh::: I can only hope...

Lotsa love,

- e.

Outta Here!

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