Beetles, bras, books, and burdock

I started my day brunching with Tammy Oler, a contributing Bitch writer who recently moved from Denver to Brooklyn. We met at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Brooklyn, where we drank too much coffee and geeked out about nonprofit organizing and online versus print publishing.

After, we strolled through Fort Greene Park where we stumbled upon a bizarre looking beetle/bee of sorts that neither of us could identify. Eh?

mystery bug

Then it was off to our eighth—and final—fundraising event, held at Henrietta Hudson Bar and Girl in Greenwich Village (thanks to Linda C. for donating her space to the cause). It was a fabulous end to a fabulous trip, the highlight of which was an amusing debate between Jessica Siegel and Lisa about bras. Jessica told us of her investigative report, revealing the ugly side of the bra industry, while Lisa argued just as fiercely that finding the right bra was a life-changing experience for her. 

Jessica Siegel and Lisa Jervis

At 5:00, our fundraising tour was officially over, and Lisa and I celebrated with a leisurely walk around the City, stopping to say hello to this sweet cat in the window.

window kitty

We headed to Housing Works, an incredible nonprofit bookstore that provides support services to homeless and low-income people living with HIV/AIDS and where my Brooklyn friends/housing hosts work.

housing works!

Things in the Housing Works cafe weren't running too smoothly, and what better to blame than...

capitalism killed the espresso machine

Then it was off to dinner at Angelica Kitchen, a vegan macrobiotic restaurant. If a dinner of sea vegetables, burdock root, and steamed rice doesn't sound appealing, try them after nine days of feasting on chips and salsa.

Later, it was back to Brooklyn. I was hoping to interview my friends about Housing Works, but after spending an hour trying to figure out the mini-disc recorder, we all gave up.

by Debbie Rasmussen
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