Best B movie ever!

We hope you’ll agree, and that after you watch it, you’ll join the B-Hive! Feminist, nonprofit media needs YOU!  


Here’s the script:

First scene: a cool bee (CB) is hanging out and a new bee (NB) flies up to her

NB: Hey, I haven’t seen you around in awhile. Where have you been?

CB: Oh, nowhere special. I’ve only been hanging out at the b-hive!

NB: The b-hive? What’s that? I’ve never heard of it.

CB: (scoffs) You’ve never heard of the b-hive? It’s a cool club for sustainers of Bitch magazine. It’s only the best place to hang out. EVER.

NB: The best place ever? What kinds of bees hang out there?

CB: Well, there are five levels of sustainers, so there are five types of bees that hang out in the hive (duh). There are:

Busy Bees
First scene: Busy Bee with glasses and notepad, “12 Words from the Chief Rocker” by De La Soul plays in the background

Honey Bees
Second scene: Honey bee with big lips, “Honey” by Mariah Carey plays in the background

Bumble Bees
Third scene: Bumble bee who is all furry, “Bumble Bee” by the Casual Dots plays in the background

Queen Bees
Fourth scene: Queen Bee in crown, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen plays in the background

And of course, Killer Bees
Fifth scene: Killer Bee in spiked collar, “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads plays in the background

CB: I’m a Killer Bee, obviously.

NB: Wow, the b-hive seems great!

CB: Yeah, and not only do we have an awesome time, but we’re also supporting independent feminist media. And, we all get free subscriptions to Bitch magazine, so you know, bonus.

NB: So how do I join?

CB: Just go to and click on the b-hive. It’s bitchin.’

by Debbie Rasmussen
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