Beyond Douchedom


When is a douchebag worse than a douchebag? When the douchebag’s extreme douchebaggery is aided and abetted by our justice system.

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Perhaps we should just retire this feature now.  Because I can’t imagine a bigger douchebag than this guy.(Warning: written content is of an extremely violent and graphic nature)

Thank God for pro bono lawyers.

by Deesha Philyaw
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this is disgusting. im just... a complete loss of words. how can the courts let this go on...

I can't believe this guy.

I can't believe this guy. Seriously. It's bizarre too that the rape charge was dismissed.

Really American legal

Really American legal system? Really? Thanks for making me feel safe. But seriously, the judge <i>must</i> have noticed the continued abuse of the justice system and of this women. It's happening right beneath their nose and apparently it's been going on for some time. Everyone deserves to have their say in court, but this guy is making a farce out of that right and manipulating it to further torment a women who's had more than her fair share of pain.


This is why I will be a family law attorney. And why I will always do pro bono work.


I can't believe they allow this to go on or that they dropped all those charges. This is beyond douchebaggery....He deserves to die and rot in hell, and I wouldn't mind assisting in the former. Bastard.

The American Legal-system:

The American Legal-system: Continually raping the victims... again and again ...

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