Sm{art}: #1 Must Have: Queer Photo Zine

 If you are looking for a new queer photo zine to brighten up your day, look no further than #1 Must Have. Just on its second issue, this new Seattle-based zine captures queer folks through “visibility, celebrating diverse queer people, and re-framing the queer experiences outside of the victim paradigm often seen in popular culture.” While many aspects of mainstream queer culture focus on the vicitimization and oppression of queer folks, (don’t get me wrong this is much needed!), this zine’s aim is to depict queer life from a different perspective to show that, unlike what some heterosexist folks might believe, some people really enjoy their lives as queer! And, shockingly, are happy with their identities! 

#1 Must Have shot of a black woman wearing cute clothes standing in a field

#1 Must Have has a blog, a facebook page, and is available in hardcover. The website draws you in with its montage of different images of queer individuals (and some couples) doing things like riding bikes, reading books, or giving their partner a piggy-back ride. Overall, it’s a great blend of both artistry in photography and the feel-good-ness of seeing unique and happy people just living in the world. With so many images reminding us of how difficult life can be for the LGBTQ, isn’t it refreshing to be reminded with images of how positive and unique queer life can be as well? 

#1 Must Have shot of a couple giving a piggy back ride


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this is so cute, thank you!

this is so cute, thank you!


I love the images in #1 Must Have!! Such a cool project!

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