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Grammarphiles of the world, rejoice! The fabulous Mignon Fogarty (aka Grammar Girl, profiled in the Buzz Issue Bitch List) has a new book out, just in time for the word nerd on your holiday shopping list!

The Grammar Devotional provides daily grammar advice that ranges from the basic (former vs. latter) to the more advanced (capitalizing dog breed names). The daily devotionals are fun (there are comics and crossword puzzles!) and easy to read whether you are a grammar lover or a (gasp!) grammar loather, and as the name suggests, there is something new to learn every day. (Did you know about the inkhorn controversy of the 1500s? Me neither!)

As a lifelong fan of grammar, I can tell you that this book is interesting and useful. Also, it is small so it can fit easily in a purse or jacket pocket, which is a bonus. However, if you’re looking for a reference guide it might not be the thing, since it is organized by week and day (e.g., “Friday, week five”) as opposed to being laid out by grammar rules (e.g., punctuation). There is a pretty handy index though, so if you’re looking for a fun grammar book that can sometimes serve as a reference book, this is the devotional for you. Plus, it allows you to learn things you didn’t even know that you didn’t even know! And that’s a real reason for grammarphiles to rejoice.

To download a free excerpt from The Grammar Devotional, click here.

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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Grammar Girl

Mignon (Grammar Girl) also has a weekly podcast and another book on grammar/usage tips, so that might be a better choice if you're looking for a traditional reference guide. But I love her work. It's fun, simple and really great for students.

That looks really fun! I

That looks really fun! I wonder how in-depth it gets?
A tad off topic, but if anyone is interested in Feminist Linguistics, a good book is 'Speaking Freely: Unlearning the Lies of the Fathers' Tongue' by Julia Penelope. This book is incredible and it made me reexamine how social constructs of gender are imposed by the English language itself. It actually changed my whole perspective and put into words a lot of things I had felt and never known how to articulate. Also, if you're interested in Feminist Linguistics AND Science Fiction, try Suzette Haden Elgin's 'Native Tongue'. It's about future female Linguists creating a language to emancipate themselves. These books are incredible.

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