BiblioBitch: Three New Otherworldly Indie Comics

Need some new reading material? These three new indie comics by Kate Skelly, Angie Wang, and Julia Gfrörer will take you from an outer galaxy to a zombiefied forest, and will keep you occupied (and perhaps up all night with every light turned on).

Nurse Nurse

by Kate Skelly

Nurse Nurse cover

Kate Skelly has taken her eight serialized Nurse Nurse mini-comics and combined them into one, purse-sized package. The story follows Gemma, an intergalactic nurse from the future. When Gemma’s ship is hijacked by pirates, she’s initially distraught, but it’s only when she escapes does she discover how much she doesn’t know about the universe. Her adventures take her from planet to planet while she tries to solve a mystery wrapped up in identity, television, and questions of whether she’ll ever really return home.

There’s a strong ’60s mod style throughout Nurse Nurse. From a Beatles-esque band, to free love-enducing butterflies, the contrast of retro psychedelia with futuristic worlds is a treat, as are the sexual undertones of the plot and art. It’s funny, dystopic, and a joy to read, so order yours from Sparkplug Comics today!

Kate Skelly Official Site.

Sample page:

nurse nurse page

Girl Apocalypse

by Angie Wang

cover of GIrl Apocolypse
If you aren’t familiar with illustrator and comics artist Angie Wang yet, get ready to get lost in her gorgeously lush drawings that capture chaos and cool all in one frame (peep her work in the Fame + Fortune issue of Bitch, too!). Now she’s distilled her themes of fashion, dystopia, and snapshot storytelling with her comic Girl Apocalypse, a 26-page comic that follows, in Wang’s words, “a group of hungry and inexplicably fashionable young ladies traversing a post-apocalyptic wilderness.” The reader is plopped down in the Oregon woods where this group of girls battle for survival (and against hunger pangs) while on the run from an unnamed—and undead—presence. (If it sounds absurd, just read it to see how dark it gets.) Equal parts gore and glam (okay, that’s lie, there’s way more gore), zombie killing hasn’t looked this good since the Walking Dead. Will these girl scouts “be prepared” for what lies ahead? Find out by checking the comic out at Angie’s site,, and order a beautifully printed copy of Girl Apocalypse today!

Buy the Girl Apocalypse mini-comic here.

Sample page:

sample girl apocolypse page

Too Dark to See

Julia Gfrörer

cover of Too Dark to See

What if you found out your boyfriend was cheating on you? What if you found out he was cheating on you with a phantom succubus? This is what befalls a couple (who honestly, have enough issues already) in Too Dark to See, a new comic from Portland-based Julia Gfrörer (whose work Flesh and Bone is—for REAL—one of the creepiest comics I have ever read). The comic is full of smoke, shadow, and mix of sinister implications with moments of levity, but what’s most haunting about it is how it makes you question what’s worse: scary supernatural sexytimes or real-world relationship problems. Gfrörer’s exquisite line drawing, paired with her expert use of white space makes every scene of passive-aggressive exchanges pulse with uncomfortable coldness (or alternately, creepiness), but keeps you turning the page.

Get your copy from Gfrörer’s Esty shop.

Sample page:

too dark to see page

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