Bill O'Reilly's Fair-weathered 'Concern' For Women

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Almost invariably, Bill O’Reilly yells from the confines of the television in my Nana’s living room. Nana likes to keep the TV on for background noise and she loves Fox News. I typically do my best to ignore Bill’s rants, but once in a while, I just can’t look away.

Such was the case when O’Reilly railed against Eminem for his portrayal of Sarah Palin in music video “We Made You,” as well as the big bad liberal media outlets who haven’t publicly denounced Eminem as a result. O’Reilly speculates that Eminem hasn’t been adequately criticized because liberals and feminists don’t really care about women, especially conservative ones. What’s more, Bill rants and raves specifically over the sexualization of Palin and fails to acknowledge the objectification of any other women in the video.*

By the end of the above clip, O’Reilly seems less upset about the misogynistic representation of Sarah Palin than he does about the lack of left-wing media coverage about said representation of Palin. Obviously society at large needs to amp up the critical (and feminist) response to pop culture, but I’m skeptical that Bill really cares about media sexism…or sexism in general…

Anyway, Bitch may not be the media outlet Bill wants to speak up in reaction to “We Made You,” but our very own Kelsey Wallace wrote an open letter to Eminem about the video. Maybe I should forward that letter on to Bill so he can add his to his very short list of feminist groups who care about women.**

* Umm Bill, did you happen to notice Kim Kardashian going through the wood chipper?

** “Is there any honest feminist group in the country that puts politics aside, ideology aside, and tries to protect women?” –O’Reilly

In closing, I leave you with this gem from Bill:

“You’re a feminist, correct? You remain a practicing feminist. Is that why you have the leather jacket on?”

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The first funny thing about

The first funny thing about this is that O'Reilly opens by going on about how Eminem is irrelevant, nobody takes him seriously, nobody pays attention to him, he's only popular with young people, and he's just a publicity hound. Well, Bill, if that's the case, why are you devoting an entire segment to publicizing and critiquing a video that nobody has seen from an artist that nobody cares about or takes seriously?

And of course, Bill loves this argument that feminists never spoke out to defend Sarah Palin from sexism. The only tiny problem is that in order to keep making it, he has to ignore all of the feminists who did speak up about sexist attacks on Palin, and there were a lot. (Fairly recently he shot down Courtney Martin from feministing and the Women's Media Center when she was on his show and tried to tell him that he was wrong.) What's funny is that I don't remember him getting upset about dumb things like RNC delegates wearing 'Hottest Governor, Coldest State' buttons, and I don't remember him taking himself to task after joking about having some outfits that he'd like Palin to try on when the hosts of The View asked him about the whole Palin/RNC overpriced wardrobe scandal.

Also, if Tammy Bruce is right that the reason Sarah Palin was attacked so much was because she poses a "threat", what does that say about the fact that people like O'Reilly are constantly attacking feminism?


...I admit I couldn't listen to the whole thing...augh. I don't quite know where to begin. My first thought was, "hey, Bitch already tackled this, and denounced the video, despite the fact that the video is likely embarrassing to a Republican female...GASP!" I also am annoyed by the fact that the idea is that he can put a single woman who identifies as a feminist on his show and portray her as though she is the voice of feminism- no one can do that! There's just too many diverse feminist opinions! And can anyone explain to me how feminism as presented today isn't actually feminism?

Tammy Bruce makes my liberal progressive skin crawl ...

<a href="">Her</a> calling herself a pro-choice, gun-toting, pro-death penatly progressive (!) lesbian feminist does not make her the spokesperson for pro-choice lesbians, let alone progressive feminism (Wasn't she ousted as president of the Los Angeles/California Chapter of NOW years' ago for expressing her independent views that went against NOW's national platform??). She's one of those annoying "independent" lesbian feminists who's more likely to have a long conversation with Howard Stern about her sex life (Which could include telling about her fantasies of riding three-way on the snowmachines in Alaska with Sarah and Todd Palin) and spend a day out on the shooting range with Ted Nugent (and/or the Palins) than spend time with anyone demonstrating any real commitment to true progressive values (Courtney Martin is among them).

My ideas of true progressive values include anything having to do with feminism and EQUALITY, advocating for equal access to education, single-payer health care, ethical business practices ensuring that employees and their families are being cared about more than profit margins, living wages, full benefits for gays and lesbians and anyone else married or not, ending war and torture, being against the death penalty, eating local, pointing the middle finger at Walmart and other box-stores whenever possible, supporting local businesses, supporting solutions for less oil dependency, being a steward of the environment, sustainable living options, living with "less," advocating for media diversity to ensure that Bruce's egotistical remarks spewed over the airwaves are countered with other viewpoints at every turn, supporting this magazine and <a href="">this magazine</a> (Which isn't afraid to criticize a certain resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC when necessary) among other actions ...

If you really consider yourself someone with a deep commitment to the progressivism explained in the above paragraph, she is not really your girl. If you are conservative-leaning, independent, and find the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC as someone who is out to ruin this great land of ours, she is SO your girl.

I want to add/clarify that ...

... one of the ongoing problems with feminism is that too many have taken it upon themselves to call themselves feminists when they feel they have every right to customize it as they see fit, even if they let it deviate from the core mission of EQUALITY and respect for the fellow man/woman/womyn ... That's the beef I have with Tammy Bruce. She sees herself as for equality, but wants to spit on any "fellow" feminists that don't agree with her own vision of a world that revolves around her (and her "significant other" if she has one. I do not know and do not care to know) insisting that her world is more superior than anyone else's.

I (and many, many others) prefer to see feminism as a movement that is becoming more diverse and inclusive advocating for equality moving forward, to where I would especially love to see it as a word that is no longer "dirty" to even some of my fellow liberal/progressive friends (the ones that feel the same way I do about what we want for a better world) who feel that it is.

For an even better idea of how feminism is about many voices and movements moving forward, check out the great magazine <a href="">make/shift</a>, one that Bruce probably wouldn't dare touch ... but she really should sometime.

You can't have it both ways...

You say you want diversity within feminism and then say you can't stand Bruce's feminist point of view. Truth is, there are progressive feminists, traditional feminists, liberal feminists and conservative feminists. Tammy Bruce spent many years as a progressive feminist but I wouldn't consider her to be a progressive. I don't agree with her on everything, but just because she disagrees with fellow feminists on many issues, it doesn't mean she's "spitting" on them. This is the exact kind of diversity feminism need...more inclusive=more self-described feminists=feminism is no longer a dirty word.

Part of the reason feminism became a dirty word was because it became too embroiled in one political ideology which damaged the movement's credibility. You can't try to crucify Clarence Thomas and then make Bill Clinton a hero. You can't condemn societal beauty standards and then run out and get plastic surgery. You can't be for women's rights at home but then ignore the denial of rights for women worldwide. You can't condemn certain Christian factions that demand submission from women but then ignore other religions that do the same, and sometimes, far worse in the name of religion.

Bravo to Bitch for calling Eminem out at the time (let's be reasonable, it wouldn't be okay for that kind of depiction of Hillary Clinton and it isn't okay for Sarah Palin) and we all know that Bill O'reilly is a self-obsessed tool who knows nothing about feminism. But Tammy Bruce is a great example of a feminist - she may not be liberal anymore, but she is independent, smart, successful and should be credited for her accomplishments whether they fit a certain ideology or not. Diversity in feminism should include diversity of ideas as long as it works to acquire and maintain equal rights for women and fights sexism and abuse here and abroad.

Bill-O = the end of me

There's no way Bill-O would have hosted this segment if Eminem took a shot at Hillary or Pelosi or another liberal female politician. People have spoken up on this issue, but it wouldn't fit into the Palin-as-victim-of-evil-feminism storyline that Bill-O pushes with his right-wing ideologues. My hate for him grows daily. O'Reilly should take a look at this after all his rape victim blaming...

Bill vs.EM!

It's hard not to laugh at this trite attack on liberalism and Feminism. Sarah Palin represents all women in this video? How so? She thinks Feminism is playing Basketball and Hockey. Bill completely made it seem like he agreed with every other women Em, was ripping apart. It's ok, to laugh at Jessica's weight-gain, It's ok, to smirk at homophobia, and it's ok, to josh at Kim's huge buttocks. And it's perfectly fine, to throw all of them through a wood-grinder. Maybe Feminists are just tired of pointing out the obvious with Mr. Mathers and are choosing to ignore his stale statement's and hopes he crawls back under the rock he sleeping under for the past four years.

I forgot to add, what

I forgot to add, what younger generation is listening to Em? His age bracket is mostly 25+. I dislike it, when someone pulls out the child-card to make someone seem more controversial then they really are.

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