Bitch benefit party in Montana, ya'll!


Here at Bitch we are all about grassroots support. We like getting out there and meeting our readers and supporters face-to-face and we rely so much on your support to make what we do happen. You’ve heard of our House Party fundraising drive and I thought, how can I sit here and expect the masses to kick it with their friends in the name of Bitch and not woman-up and do it myself? So…if you’re in the Missoula, MT area this Wednesday, I’ve got an event for you. 

I grew up in Missoula, I went to college there and I somehow became a DJ somewhere along the way (I am not that fancy, however I do know how to kick out the dope jams). When we started the House Parties for Bitch campaign, and I was already planning on being in my hometown this month, I thought a DJ/hip-hop night would be a perfect way to get people out and about that might not know much about our amazing organization but who I could probably get on board in some way as supporters. My point is, House Parties for Bitch do not have to be your traditional sitting-around-your-living-room-drinking setting. They can be anything. It just so happened that I knew some fantastic lady DJs and lady artists who were willing to do some free performing in the name of non-profit feminist media! I thank them so much for that. So take this as some inspiration to think outside the box if you’re considering hosting a House Party for Bitch. Pictures to commemorate the event are to come! Giddy-up!


Missoula, MT 

Wednesday, May 13

The Palace Lounge, 147 W. Broadway


$2 suggested donation

Bitch swag

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*Special thanks to Amanda Armstrong (Lady Stuff ‘n’ Such) for her planning, designing and executing prowess.

by Ashley Brittner
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