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This month, we’re putting together a series of feminist gift guides. They're a way to highlight fun stuff we love and creators we're excited to support.

Activists, organizers, and the politicized loved ones of our lives. These social justice warriors (let's reclaim this weird pejorative and say it with pride) may be difficult to shop for because all they want for Christmas is the dismantling of this hegemonic patriarchy. And that's not something readily available on small business store shelves. What to get them? 

A is for Activist

Forget about Christmas and just buy a stack of these picture books to keep in stock for whenever someone has a new baby. Heck, pass this beautiful book out to all of the grown-ups in your life. A is for Activist is a gorgeous book (peek some sample pages), with important messages splayed across each playful page. It's available in Spanish, too!

Hari Kondabolu's Waiting for 2042

A comedian with a masters degree in human rights? Yep, that's Hari Kondabolu (listen to our interview with him here). Based out of Brooklyn, a child of immigrants raised in Queens, Kondabolu's sharp commentary let's us laugh about all the effed-upedness at the intersection of race, gender, the -isms, and America. His debut comedy album, Waiting for 2042 (released on Kill Rock Stars!), is a reference to census projections of when white folks will be the population minority. Can't fault a guy for dreaming, right? 

Slingshot Organizer

Don't know what to get the busy grassroots organizer in your life? What about an organizer for the organizer? In its 21st year of production, the Slingshot Collective planner is packed cover to cover so folks can scribble down their days and also be inspired. There's a radical reading list, “mynstrual” calendar, tips for dealing with the police and more! There are two versions: pocket size or full size

Social Justice Kittens Calendar

Perhaps what your social justice warrior really needs is a wall calendar, a social justice kittens calendar to be exact. Twelve months of squeal-worthy adorableness accompanied by little diddlies like “I drink your tears, oppressor,” and, “This conversation doesn't make me feel safe.” 

Justseeds Artists' Collective art prints

What is a grassroots movement without art? The Justseeds Artists' Collective highlights the work of those creating art with a message. A Bitch favorite, Faviana Rodriguez'sOccupy Sisterhood” poster should be on your wall now. “No War” by Melanie Cervantes and Roger Peet's “Never Give Up” are just a few of the gorgeous prints available from the collective. 

Adventures in Feministry mugs

Organizers and activists cannot do the good fight without the extra boost of a good energizing drink. These amazing mugs featuring feminists from the past like Phoolan Devi, Madam CJ Walker, and Anna Julia Cooper can be filled with coffee, tea, kombucha, or your favorite spirit.  

Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook

If the social justice warrior in your life strives to completely eschew the system, perhaps Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook is the way to go. The CrimethInc collective has compiled and “declassified top secret anarchist tactics” with a table of contents that includes chapters such as, “How to make a bicycle,” to “Sabotage.” 

The only patch anyone ever needs

Solidarity fist in a woman symbol patch, you belong on every teenager's backpack. Get a single patch for a friend to put on their hoodie, or buy dozens of them and quilt them into a ginormous blanket of solidarity to drape over injustice.

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad by Adam Gnade

An enduring quality of activists is their capacity to give and give until they are burned out. We now discuss self-care more often, but organizers need to be reminded that before they can work to take care of the community, they need to take care of themselves. The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad by Adam Gnade is a blueprint to listening and caring for yourself. 

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