Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Budding Mycologist Edition!

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You may see them scoffing at the chanterelle selection in your local New Seasons. Last month, they flaked out on your lunch date because it was a perfect day for “hunting.” The symptoms of a budding mycologist are clear and consuming; they can barely walk downtown without checking every patch of bark-chips for emerging fungi.

If you’re shopping for a mushroom lover this holiday season, here are the essentials:


When your friends are tromping about in the forest, their main objective is mushroom identification. All That the Rain Promises and More by David Arora is a excellent “hip pocket guide” printed in full-color. Complete with silly stories, recipes, and identifying features for 200 western mushrooms. For more more more, Arora also offers Mushrooms Demystified, which includes over 2000 species! Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets will turn your recipient’s obsession into life-long passion when they learn how mushrooms will save the world.

Cover of All That the Rain Promises and More featuring the author, a white man in a tux, holding a trumpet and a bunch of mushrooms Cover of Mushrooms Demystified features a photo of two big shrooms Cover of Mycelium Running features a forest illustration and the words How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World


As a budding mycologist myself, I have been drooling over makelike’s new product line. Aptly named Forest, the collection includes a spore-print pattern tea towel, which would be perfect for cleaning mushrooms before throwing them in the soup. I want ALL the towels to accompany my knife, toothbrush, field guides, and adventure-pack.

three mushroom-themed tea towels hanging from a clothesline


When at home, the budding mycologist may miss the forest. This print by Nichole Lillian will be sure to keep them company. Did you notice the mushrooms or the cats first?

poster of cats climbing on mushrooms

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I squealed with joy a little

I squealed with joy a little when I saw this. It's an actual intelligent gift guide for amateur mycologists like me!

Grow-your own kit should be added to this list

Also an awesome gift idea, that involves actual mushrooms! They sell grow-your own kits, and it's super sustainable because they're grown on used coffee grounds.

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