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Today’s post is for all the art lovers out there: a half-dozen art ideas from some of the illustrators we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the magazine. Check out our back issues to see more of their work, and don’t forget our own limited-edition cover prints at Bitchmart…


Leslie A. Wood Prints

Leslie A. Wood’s (the Red issue, #52) Ron Swanson print would look fabulous hanging over your fireplace. (Perhaps she’s almost as big of a fan as we are?)  Maybe pair it with her tribute to Meatloaf Mondays? Or her Log Lady (from Twin Peaks)?  Besides Society 6 and Etsy shops full of good stuff, she also has a couple of pieces left on her website.


Anke Weckmann

If you want art you can use, London-based illustrator Anke Weckmann (the Consumed issue, #44)’s lovely work is featured on our own limited-edition Bitch Media water bottle…and have you seen her Poketo Wallet?  Anke contributed to Girls Who Draw, along with Gemma Correll, Karoline Rerrie, Mary Kilvert, Beth Morrison, Alys Paterson, Yee Ting Kuit, Sarah Ray, Ruth Green, Currentstate, and Kate Hindley, to create this postcard book, MAGIC. You might get some of the art cards back in the mail this year, or your friend could tile all the cards together in one big frame to make a magical art statement. To deck the walls, you might consider this treehouse-inspired print for a kids’ play room, or for a recent graduate who’s just moved far away…or this villa print as a gift for your friend who just moved into a new home.


KPolly art prints

Milwaukee-based artist Kristopher Pollard (the Confidential issue, #49)’s store features this print for the literary buff, and a series of prints from a recent show called “Manimals”, featuring his friends-as-animals, like this Owl (the originals are also for sale here at Compound Gallery). Or, get a small original drawing from his series of repurposed magazine subscription cards. (I want him to draw me on a Bitch subscription card! A lady can dream…)


Beth Austin's prints

Beth Austin’s (the Red issue #53, and our recent B-hive campaign) Mr. Selleck is a celebration of chest hair in bloom. Her most recent work is abstract and colorful, made by layering watercolor monoprints, drawing, and silkscreen. She’s just posted a couple of these newer pieces as affordable prints, in a choice of sizes, framed or unframed.


Wendy MacNaughton Library Zine

I can’t get enough of San-Francisco-based Wendy MacNaughton (the Action issue, #47, and the Reverb issue, #51), who has recently done work for a few of my very favorite things, including MoMa, WNYC’s Radiolab, and the San Francisco Public Library. Her infographics, for sale at 20x200, are thought-provokingly simple. As part of her ongoing “Meanwhile” series, she spent a month at the San Francisco Public Library getting to know the visitors, staff, guards, and librarians, drawing the people she met and interviewing them. The result is the story of the library told through her drawings and the subjects own words. It’s a moving meditation on the important and often unseen roles libraries play in the community, and how they serve they public way beyond books. Pick up a copy from her Etsy shop here. Proceeds in part will go to the San Francisco Public Library.


Meg Hunt prints and wrapping paper

Meg Hunt’s (the Action issue, #47) Print Subscription Club offers gifters three subscription levels. Her screenprints are always delicious and it’s super-fun to get a surprise in the mail. An added bonus is the club’s a great value—it’s definitely worth more than the price tag of buying her prints separately.  And, wrap all your gifts up in her beautiful wrapping paper, available in the US and the UK…it’s a present in itself.


Plywerk and Spoonflower custom prints

And finally, if you’re an artist yourself, or giving a gift to an artist you love, consider ordering a print on sustainable bamboo plywood, by Portland-based company Plywerk in any size you want.  Or print your own custom fabric on demand.

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