Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Stocking Stuffer Edition!

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A small gift or “stocking stuffer” can be really be the kind of simple luxury that brings fun, color, and joy into your daily routine, which is why they are so fun to give and receive. And although they can be inexpensive, these gifts are often not the sort thing we buy for ourselves. During the winter holidays at Bitch HQ we draw names for a gift exchange, which is referred to alternatively as “Secret Santa,” “Holiday Special Peer,” and “Unknown Gift-giving Buddy.” Here’s a list of gifts under $10 that are fun to give, fun to receive, a pleasure to use, and perfect for stockings or an office exchange!

Anything Bento

animal-shaped soy sauce containersJapanese designers are excellent at bringing style, art, and charm to everyday rituals. A bento box, decorative cutters for shaping sandwiches and vegetables, and adorable sauce containers can make packing lunch so much more fun. A couple of my favorites from AllThingsForSale are this Japanese Bento Box Lunchbox for $3.20, and this set of Five Animal Soy Sauce Containers for $3.99.

A Nice Pen or Notebook

Surely there is someone on your list (me?) who would just love a good, new pen or notebook. Take a look at Writer’s Bloc and you’ll do no wrong. It’s an online store, but Portland-based, so this is a shout-out to our neighbors! I really like the Pentel Tradio pens for $8 and they have a great selection of Clairefontaine notebooks. And, don’t forget the limited-edition Bitch Media floaty pen


Fancy Paperclips

colorful small boxes of paperclipsI would never buy these for myself, but I’d love a little box to have on my desk. The Midori paperclips come in all shapes and are $6.73 for a box of 30.


The reader on your list has probably already read the book you were considering or is getting it from the library. How about a bookmark? Many of us haven’t had a nice bookmark since childhood (think plastic with a tassel), but would love to get one. Check out Mirage Bookmark for inspiration. And while you’re at it, bookplates make great gifts for kids. You can print these bookplates for free and decorate them together or buy personalized plates online!

by Julie Falk
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I bought those!

I bought those paperclips in Tokyo a few years ago! I have the hippos and the pigs. They are so cute that they manage to cheer me up even when I'm working on something REALLY boring.

Good ideas :-)

Thanks! These paperclips look awesome. I think this may end up another Christmas present to myself...

Thanks for the info about the

Thanks for the info about the Bento Site! There are SOOO many cute items i didn't know that this kind of things out there! You just helped me with many gift ideas~!

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