Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Tea Drinker's Edition!

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As an avid tea drinker I can tell you that if you just went down to the grocery store and bought me a box of tea (any tea!) as a gift then I would be perfectly happy; a tea lover can never have too much tea! Of course, if you were willing to shell out a couple of extra dollars and get a nice tin of Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, anything from >Tao of Tea, or perhaps this tea sampler from the Art of Tea, then I would be even happier and truly admire your gift-gifting prowess (and the tea drinker on your list would likely feel the same)!

Along with never having too much tea, a tea consumer can never have too many teapots or cups. This “Mr. Tea” tea-for-one set is one of those things your recipients may never buy for themselves, but they will love you forever if you get it for them.

Mr Tea tea set--a tea pot and cup with a painting of Mr T on the side AOT award-winning tea set--pretty bags of tea displayed next to a cardboard sleeve and a honey dipper

Tea-related gifts don’t have to cost a fortune: go down to your local Goodwill and you will find an array of interesting teapots, sugar and creamer sets, and cup and saucer combos. One thing I like to do for the tea drinkers in my life is to buy a nice cup and saucer set from Goodwill, fill it with some candy or tea cookies, wrap it in cellophane, and finish it with a bow. You’ll get a fancy looking gift for under $10!

tea cup and saucer on the shelf at Goodwill
Goodwill’s tea accessory selection.

Presentation can make all the difference when it comes to the tea enthusiast on your list who has a thing for nostalgia and aesthetics.

green and white tea stamp set Putting some loose leaf tea in a nice jar, maybe with a sticker saying the name of the tea and brewing instructions, will appeal to your tea drinker’s whimsical ways. Adding this to a gift basket with some fruit preserves, a jar of nice honey, and a tea ball, makes for a well-rounded, beautifully presented, inexpensive gift. If your tea drinker happens to be crafty (a lot of us are!) then this rubber stamp set from is perfect for the gift basket too.

Other great gifts for tea drinkers are tea-inspired jewelry, tea towels, honey dippers, and if you live far away and are unable to mail anything physical, a membership to the World Tea Club. That said, a last minute box of tea purchased on Christmas Eve from the 7/11 would suffice. We tea drinkers are like that. Just be sure to wrap it nicely!

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Great ideas! Will definitely

Great ideas! Will definitely be utilizing these for the holidays. Thanks!

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