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On the way to Chicago, I met up with one of our supporters in Kalamazoo, who teaches journalism and communications at a local college in Western Michigan. She told me the story of how, a couple years back when students wanted to bring the Vagina Monologues to campus, the school administration refused to promote it. You know, because vaginas are obscene and all.

It was a helpful reminder for me, because I admit that recently, when the topic of the Vagina Monologues has come up, this voice spouts off in my head, "Aren't we past that point?" And clearly, I need to check my ridiculous self, who's lucky enough to be living in the bubble that is Portland, Oregon, where events like the Vagina Monologues are just part of the scene there (I don't mean to imply here that Portland is a city of open love for all things vagina, but that I can't imagine such an event being resisted by the local college campus powers-that-be).

Back to Chicago. That night's benefit at the Heartland Cafe was fantastically successful, and we're grateful that they opened their space to us.  


And look, they even have a general store. (The photo of the indie magazines above is part of their store.) 

heartland's general store

Huge thanks to Veronica Arreola, longtime Bitch supporter (and who has a piece in our upcoming Genesis issue, to be published in early June) who organized the event (read her post here). I'd heard many great things about Veronica, so it was lovely to meet her in person.


Also huge thanks to Belmondos, for sharing their incredible music. 


And thank you to the Revelettes for their frighteningly-impressive go-go dancing and enthusiasm, even in the face of some technical snafus. 

go-go dancers

Also thanks to Early to Bed, Poise, and Weener Ware, for offering up raffle prizes. And thanks to our intuitive for the evening, who graciously donated much of her earnings to our work. 

And of course huge thanks to everyone who came out to listen, watch, and support. I'm excited to return to this lovely city.


by Debbie Rasmussen
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