Bitch Media's Podcast “Popaganda” Launches April 3rd!


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What do Chelsea CainIsa Chandra Moskowitz, and Tristan Taormino all have in common? Besides being awesome, they’ll all be in our new Popaganda podcast episodes this spring. That’s right, Popaganda is back and it’s going to be your favorite pop culture podcast. 

It has been almost a year since we last put together a Popaganda podcast, but in our survey of hundreds of Bitch readers last summer, you all told us podcasts are a fun and important part of feminist media. Thanks to the generous support of our podcast sponsor She Bop, we’re able to commit to bringing the world a twice-monthly, professionally recorded and edited podcast starting April 3rd. Each show will run 20-30 minutes—perfect to listen to on your commute!

Our first four show themes are: 

• MONOGAMY featuring sex expert and educator Tristan Taormino discussing the logistics of open relationships, Sex and Punishment author Eric Berkowitz on the legal history of monogamy, and n+1 writer Andrew Borinsky on the political role of monogamy in building support for same-sex marriage. 

• PULP featuring best-selling thriller author Chelsea Cain reading a very dirty story, mystery author Laura Lippman on her love of noir, and dramatic reading of great new lesbian pulp. 

• THE DINNER PARTY featuring author Jane Gerhard talking about the landmark work of feminist art, contemporary artist Sophia Wallace on her new show Cliteracy, astounding vegan chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz discussing real-life dinner parties and her food politics, and Bitch staffers Andi Zeisler and Kristin Rogers Brown dishing Gwyneth Paltrow and bragging about restrictive diets. 

 WORDS WE HATE featuring various snack-size rants on words we hate, from the controversial (tits!) to the universally reviled (moist), as well as an interview with political cartoonist Matt Bors about picking our language battles. 

Subscribe now to Bitch Radio in the iTunes store to hear the four new episodes this April and May!

by Sarah Mirk
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Sarah Mirk is the former host of Bitch Media’s podcast Popaganda. She’s interested in gender, history, comics, and talking to strangers. You can follow her on Twitter

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I looked on iTunes and can't

I looked on iTunes and can't find it. Let us know when it's available!

Subscribe on iTunes to 'Bitch Radio'

Hi! The podcast is findable if you search in the iTunes store for Bitch Radio or Bitch Media. All our old podcasts are already up there, too! Hope you can tune in!

So we subscribe to Bitch

So we subscribe to Bitch Radio by Bitch Media. I see there are already posts from December and February for Bitch Radio. Is this where Popaganda will appear or will there be a separate podcast to subscribe to?

You're good!

Popoganda will appear in the Bitch Radio feed when it's launched on April 3rd. If you're already subscribed, there's nothing else you need to do (except tune in!).

What if I prefer not to use iTunes?

Will you have an "alternative" portal or direct link for this podcast like you have done in the past? I prefer not using iTunes. I know many folks love and use iTunes, but I think these Popaganda podcasts should be as accessible as possible (even if it means more fundraising for them). Thanks!

Yes! You can listen to the shows on our site.

That's a great question. We will always post the shows on our site under the "podcasts" tab at the top of the page. Those posts also include a full transcript of the show, if you can't listen or prefer to read the show.

Here is the direct link, which you should be able to subscribe to as an RSS to be alerted when it updates:

Not working for me either

I need an RSS for the podcast, not an RSS to a blog about the podcast. Like a (suprising) number of people, I am not an iTunes user, and in order to turn a text about a podcast onto an audio file on my mp3 player I would have to download it, then manually upload it to my mp3 player, and then find it in "music" because it would not be a subscription. After listening to it, I would have to remove it from both my player and my computer. This is really not how podcasts are <a href="">meant to work</a>...

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